After at least two police couples were found in an intimate position, a young intern couple was found in a passionate embrace at the media centre located inside the Pragati Maidan, last week. Both the ‘culprits’ are in the rank of Assistant Supervisors.

On the early hours of Thursday the police personnel on duty in the control room saw a couple in a compromising position inside the TV viewing room after which a cop went to the room and asked the receptionist to enquire into  the matter. “It was found that the assistant supervisors, both of them from IIMC, stayed till 3 am on Thursday in the office by taking special permission. They were spotted in a compromising position at about 4 am,” sources said.

There are about 110 students of IIMC who have been working as supervisors at Pragati Maidan alone.
Sources said that while the girl lives in a hostel in Delhi, the boy is a resident of south Delhi.  “We are collecting the CCTV evidence to suspend them,” a senior OC official said. Sources said that before this incident the couple was found kissing in the open by the security guards.

The incident has forced the authorities to issue a directive asking all women working at the media centre to leave by 8 pm. “We have asked the women working in that wing not to stay in office after 8 pm to avoid such encounters, as they bring embarrassment,” officials said.