No go for students and Teachers for sports events

Soorts bodies that desire to utilise school children or even teachers for their events or trainings take note,

The activities cannot encroach into the academic requirements in place at schools.

Meaning any involvement of students and teachers can only take place on non schooling days.

In other words these activities can only be held on Saturdays and Sunday’s , for those observing weekends as breaks and Fridays and Saturday’s for those with Sunday as a normal working day.

This regulation , made by the Ministry of Education, is in place until the end of the Recovery Movement Control Order ( RMCO).

There can be no exemptions as the MOE places emphasis on academics which was halted by almost four months by the Covid 19 Pandemic.

A source , at a state, familiar with this regulation said that the state education departments were aware of this ruling.

“ Sports has to take a backseat as the emphasis is on academic, as the syllabus for the year needs to be completed,” said the individual who has been involved in school sports for decades.

“ As such , at least until August 31, there can be no exemption for anyone as they must attend school, be it a student or teacher.

“ And if the RMCO is extended, then the ruling shall remain in place.”

With such a ruling in place , sports bodies must be wary of planning or organising and event that involves the participation of students and Teachers,

For example, should the Malaysian Junior Hockey League or the National U14 of H16 tournaments be held during the period of a RMCO extension, it will be minus the participation of students and Teachers.

“ While there is discretion given to state education director to decide on a case to case basis, the general rule, at least till August 31, is no release if they are to miss classes,” added the official.

“ Those at the Ministry , it is said, have also decided that not to organise any MSSM events this year.

“ The focus now is planning ahead for next years calendar and hopefully things improve over time.”