No invite, no problem OCM. Thanks anyway

In an unprecedented move, the Olympic Council of Malaysia is hosting a buka Puasa function specifically for the media on Wednesday.

Organised by the Media Committee of OCM, invitations were extended to the media outlets over the past few days.

Some 80 members of the media are expected to attend the function.

However there was selective persecution, and coming from a body that is to uphold olympic principles is truly amusing to say the least.

However this blogger, who has covered the OCM, be it during his days as a member of the press corps or as a blogger cum website news provider has been obviously left out of the list of invitees as there was no invite extended.

I have without fail, except on days I have undergone dialysis, provides coverage to all OCM Board Meetings, Council Meetings. .Elections and activities without fail, giving the OCM it’s due recognition in the print or social media.

Many a time my stories have been picked up by the main stream media.

Yes, it’s the prerogative of the OCM Media Committee to determine who is invited and who is not and I believe they exercised that right with blessings of the Chairman.

It’s Ramadan and holding such events is good, especially for the needy or less fortunate. Pity though you picked in a certified handicap.

I bear no ill feelings for this obvious snub by the OCM and wish them the very best for the function and those invited.

And since I was left out deliberately, I was fortunate enough to be invited to another private and not imaginary buka Puasa event, this time by former national skipper Dato Ow Soon Kooi at the famous St. Regis Hotel.

The cost is RM222 per head but it’s not the money but the thought that matters.

Have a blessed buka Puasa all.