The National Sports Council Director General Dato Seri Zolkples Embong has been quoted as saying that the term of sports leaders in national sports associations ought to be limited to a two times Olympic cycle, in other words eight years.

And if they failed to deliver then its curtains for these leaders.

And the Sports Commissioner was fast to echo those sentiments while the folks at Wisma OCM have somewhat been silenced, refusing to comment on the statement of Zol, lest they face another suit.

Zol’s statement has its merits but it was made without much thought, more of jumping on the bandwagon in the chorus of calls seeking for a change of leadership at the Football Association of Malaysia.

There are many ineffective leaders but this country, at least in sports, practices the doctrine of democracy though not the doctrine of collective leadership.

We all know that the NSC dictates terms with regards to the programs, hiring of personnel and holds the purse with regards to financing national sports associations.

So lets agree, for arguments sake, that Zol’s proposal should not even be discussed but adopted whole heatedly, in the spirit of a new beginning of 2013.

But will Zol agree that the NSC and NSC staff also practice the doctrine of collective responsibility and vacate their positions at the end of the 8 year cycle. Before you get into the argument that they are mere staff, lets change it to contractual staff to handle the NSA’s as was done with the 1998 Jaya Program.

Will Zol also issue such directives to State Sports Council Directors to vacate their seats should their states fail to do well in two consecutive Malaysia Games?

For that matter will Zol be prepared to vacate his DG seat should we fail to get gold at Rio in 2016.

Over to you Sir.