Not within your pay bracket !

The sports media fraternity  is constantly barraged by those seeking publicity.
However of late there is some corners with regards to individuals dropping names of their bosses so as to play the scare tactics.
To be a sports journalist one has to go through the mill, as it’s not as rosy as cherry picking.
A sports journalist has to think out of the box and be Creative while at the same time sticking to the truth.
I have had the privilege of working alongside some of the household names of the Malaysian sports media fraternity.
It takes guts, knowledge, ability, passion, honesty and a clear conscience to be a good sports journalist.
Thus it came as a shock to me that a media officer to a Minister is pushing her weight in trying to protect her boss or it seems.
I have known the Minister far longer then this person and one thing I can vouch is that he is never vindictive, and he is quite capable of fighting his own battles with his uncanny way of handling people through reason.
So there was no necessity for this Media Officer, not once but on four separate occasions attempt to put sand in other peoples rice bowls.
I have one advice to give this person – something that the Minister once told me to pass on to someone else – ” this is not within your pay bracket.”
In other words, if you cannot respect another persons responsibility, do not expect others to give shit about you.
Truth and facts are always the key ingredients that a good sports journalist will uphold no matter what the consequences are.
So why not this Media Officer wrote an article to nullify what is Nor right.
Or is it the case of being incapable to write a line to save ones life?