NS Hockey: Really you are proud of nothing?

What has happened to hockey in Negeri Sembilan?

The state had a rich tradition in hockey, produced so many title winning squads, outstanding coaches, officials with astute administrative skills that carved a name at national and international levels.

At the recently concluded Razak Cup , NS finished a dismal 11th fir men and 6th for women.

The women did not win a single match, yet sheer luck and unorthodox fixtures allowed them to finish in the middle of the table!

But nope , not an eyebrow was raised as if that was their expectation after all, participate for the sake of particiostion

Holding on to positions and doing nothing at all seems to be the “ in thing” for a state association that has two artificial pitches at their disposal.

NS should be the envy of many, two stadiums with all facilities available, from office space to hostel.

It has produced some many Olympians, a total of 19 from the 1956 Melbourne Olympics to 2000 Sydney Olympics.

In 1985, Seremban MC ) MPS) took over the mantle from NSCRC/Jelebu as state champions and played in the 1986 Champions Club Tournament.

MPS then took part in the inaugural Malaysian Hockey League in 1987 and gave opportunities to local talent from the state plus some talented players of the 1989 national juniors.

And it was in 1991 that MPS created history by finishing third in the overall title.

After which YNS took over the task, winning the second division in their debut before taking the League title in 1994.

Again the key was developing players.

And YNS went in to organise a schools hockey league in the state with schools playing the sport fir at least 7 months.

And talents were spotted for participation in the inaugural Malaysian Junior Hockey League.

YNS re-wrote hockey history, winning the overall MHL title in 1995 and went in to win every individual award in MHL plus the charity shield, league and overall title, winning all matches, not dropping a point.

But they were forced to close shop as YNS changed leadership and despite the players appealing, they were given a flat no as an answer.

Mind you all this achieved without having an artificial pitch, it was all due to hard work and passion.

NS Padang was a hive of activity, the local league used to draw up to 15 teams. There was the annual XA Nicolas Trophy, the MT Lingam sixes, the Paul Street lined up with onlookers.

Schools like Tunku Besar Tampin, SMK Dato Taha Gemencheh,St Paul Institution, Sek Dato Abdul Razak, Convent, King George V, Sel Tinggi Port Dickson, Sek Tengku Ampuan Duran, Sekolah Tengku Khursiah and SMK Tanjong Ipoh , SK Kirby in Labu, ACS, Sek Dato Sedia Raja and the Lorong Jawa Tamil School were the cradle for hockey development.

So much tradition, so much history.


Because we had passionate individuals who loved the state and the sport.

The likes of Lawrence van Huizen. Peter van Huizen, M. Joseph, V. Sivapathasundram , Ashvin Patel, Brian Sta Maria, Michael Yan, Ranjit Singh, K. Alagaratnam, SK Paul, S Choudry, V. Masilamany, Rev John Kanagaratnam, M. Kuladeva, Lunagaratnam, C. Navaratnam, Tan Foong Luen, James De Cruz, N. Palanisamy, , Brian Sta Maria. Dr SS Lingam, Harbhajan Singh ( Samurai) Kuldip Singh. Clarence Sta Maria, William Fidelis , BP Moiethie and K. Jeyabalan.

The list is kong and I could and have left out several names to cut it short.

And where are we today? Hopefully the MB will awaken and see what’s gone wrong and how the wrong people are in the wrong place,

Let’s start with some of the notable blunders of NS Hockey:

1. In the 2019 NSHA league fixtures ,Tampin Elite and Kelab Hoki Gemencheh A were champions and runners up in 2018 NSHA League but in the 2019 NSHA League both these teams are placed in the same pool. This is against norm when drawing up fixtures.

In 2018 there were 18 men and 7 women teams , in 2017 there were 20 men and 8 women teams but in 2019 there are only 15 men and 5 women teams.

There seems to be reduction in teams each year as the teams are not happy with the way the league is being run.

2. There were 20 teams taking part in 2019 NSHA League but of the 20 teams only –OPA , NSSU ,Tampin Seniors and Tampin Elite are from Affliates of NSHA.

Which means only 3 of the affiliates in the NSHA took part in the NSHA League.

What happened to NSCA , NS Police , Yayasan NS , Majlis Perbandaran Seremban and Tafe College who are represented in the Council but have never contributed to NSHA.

3. Of the 5 women teams taking part in the League , NONE of them are affiliated to NSHA.

There are 2 women Vice Presidents and 2  women in the NSHA Council but what hvevthey contributed to the development of Hockey in NS. They can’t even encourage teams to take part in the league

4. A team comprising of under 14 boys was denied participation in the NSHA League last year – reason given safety of players but NSHA themselves then put up one boys under 14 and one girls Under 14 team in the League. Why the double Standard ?

5. The AGM of the NSHA was held in February 2019 and the first Council meeting was held in May 2019 to appoint the Chairmen of the various sub committees but till today there has been no development programme by the Technical and Development Committee. In fact , according to my sources, this committee has not met for the past 1 year. So much for development of Hockey in NS.

6. Two boys team were eliminated in the qualifying rounds of the 2019 National Junior Hockey League and the sole women team ( qualified automatically ) were thrashed in the MJHL. The team let in 74 goals without scoring. So much for development of Women hockey in Negeri Sembilan.

7. It has come to my attention that one official who has served NSHA for a long time was not invited to officiate in any NSHA tournament since the new committee took over last year. He is a FIH and AHF registered official. The sad thing is other states make use of this official but not his own state. This is a clear sign of revenge .The NSHA Secretary is paid RM 600 a month for the past 10 years ( Giving a new definition to the word Honorary Secretary ).

8. There have been no new affiliates to the NSHA for the past 10 years. Teams that applied for affiliation were told they have to play in the NSHA League for 3 years but why not the same ruling ( if it was approved by the Council ) applied to teams that sit in the Council but have never taken part in any NSHA Tournament. Simple because they are the cronies of some to cling on to positions.

9. Many Former players are willing to contribute to the development of hockey in the state but shy away due to the indifferent attitude of those who sit in the council and do nothing except collect titles from state government.

10. The Tournament Director of last year’s NSHA league is the President of one of the affiliates of the NSHA and when his team is playing, he is on the team bench. We must not only be impartial but also seen to be impartial. In the past , the Tournament Director was a neutral person appointed by the NSHA Competition Committee. There was an incident where an umpire was abused by a player from NSSU but no action was taken by the TD .Has the committee or TD lost its sense of direction ?

( The Individual concerned has clarified that he only went to the bench after the end of the match and accepted the fact that it was not right and should have shown better. We are old friends and had a good chat on all that was written. I stand corrected on this incident and I wish him the best in his career and life, water under the bridge. Very professional of him to clarify, kudos)

11. In last year’s under 16 tournament in Kuantan, Negeri Sembilan did badly. The girls qualified for the second round but did badly after that, the boys finished second from the bottom. What an achievement for a state that used to produce national players, Its all due to the lack of development in the state. There is no concrete development programme. All programmes are on an ad hoc basis.

12. In the Razak Cup held in Kuala Lumpur last year, Negeri Sembilan did not qualify for the final of Division 2. This year’s Razak Cup Negeri finished 11th . Last  year was the first time Negeri played in Division 2 and failed to gain promotion. Some of the senior players refused to play for Negeri Sembilan. Why did this happen ?

13. In the women category of the Razak Cup 2020, Negeri were placed sixth . Don’t be too happy as because of the  draw was wrongly done by MHC , Negeri drew only one game and lost the rest. They scored 4 goals and let in 18 goals. It’s a pity as teams like Malacca won two games in the pool matches but were placed below Negeri.

14. In last years Veterans tournament, some Former Negeri players refused to play for Negeri Sembilan and opted to play for Johor and other states .  Why have these players refused to play for Negeri Sembilan. A board of enquiry should be established.

15. Recently NSHA organized a hockey 5’s course for coaches and Umpires. But there have been no plans so far to run a tournament of this nature. The Competitions Committee should draw up a SOP for tournaments to be organized.

A coach who is 75 years old together with there others conduct voluntary coaching sessions fir kids Under 12.

Suddenly they receive a letter from the Seremban City Council asking them to pay RM170 per booking when all they are doing is a voluntary development program,

Is the state HA doing or done anything to help them?

Only cronies can be appointed or elected in NSHA and positions such as coaches or managers.

Negeri Hockey can deliver results if only the right people and in the right positions.

Sadly the “ rigid” and manipulate system where those on the current positions can vote has created a cartel that is impossible to dislodge.

Good luck MB and Sports Commissioner please investigate the lop sided constitution.