NSC Board: Asking the right questions vital

Today the Youth and Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican is set to chair his first meeting of the National Sports Council Board.

And trust me, a fan date of slides and power point presentation with facts, figures and statistics will be shown so as to impress the Kepala Batas Member of Parliament, who was by his own admission naive in sports.

Even before the first meeting of this newly constituted Board can be held, there are already murmurs of discontent with regards to the omission of Malaysian Paralympic Council President .

Instead of Dato Megat Shahriman, a former Deputy President was listed instead.

Was this an oversight ad his term may not have ended like the other whose term ended in April?

Or was it another of the magic tricks that NSC is so accustomed to under the present DG?

I will Nor put it beyond them to manipulate this ad clearly the composition of the Board is vital to certain agendas some may have.

Even the appointment of certain Board members to head or be in Committees of NSC is questionable.

For instance, a senior figure who once served as the NSC Director General Dato Dr. Ramlan Abdul Aziz being appointed into the Disciplinary Committee when rightfully based on his expertise he should be in the Promotions and Interview Panel.

There had been a lot of officers that were deserving of promotion being left out ad they were deemed as not to be in the right camp.

It is always about seniority, service and ability, not the colour of your jersey or skin.

Another issue that DS Reezal needs to address is the planned take over of the Bukit Jalil Sports School by NSC.

There is no necessity to do so, as the business of NSC is sports, not education.

Stats will show that obey the past 4 years our sports achievement had been in the decline, sans the 2017 SEA Games which any blind could construed as being manipulated in terms of sports and events offered, to give advantage to the host, as the case in every such regional games.

Do your core business right and do it well before trying to show others how to run theirs.

After all NSC is famous for one thing – always thinking that they are Gods gift to sports.

They bully the National Sports Associations all the time, often ignoring democratically elected members and dictate terms just because THT purse strings are with them.

Tey asking these same NSC big wigs to run a NSA and raise their own funding,

So just because you hold the money it does not make you God,

One question that DS Reezal should and ought to ask, which every sports minded person had been asking.

Why are there specific development programs for 4 sports, which is Football, Rugby, Hockey and Cycling?

Now let’s talk stats NSC!

Compare the deliverables in terms of medals at multi sports events by these four sports ad compared to Badminton , Aquatics,

Gymnastics, Squash and Athletics.

Do the maths please and show the Minister the bare facts.

An average of RM4 million being spent on Cycling, Rugby, Hockey and RM45 million on Football.

At one of the NSC Board meetings a sum of FM15 million was taken out from the NFDP allocation to be utilised by NSV for other programs.

So DS Reezal there you have it RM15 million available to start five development programs at your fingertips rather then NSC spending it on building more buildings or lawatan sambil belajar.

And yes before I forget, why is NSC directly managing the NFDP but not the other three sports, one which was highlighted recently for non payment of allowances dating to last year!

The Minister has been doing the right things over the past few months, as his ability to have his finger in the pulse a plus point for those in the fraternity.

Now all DS Reezal and those appointed to the Board need to do is ask the right questions.

Or it will be just another day to enjoy teh O and karipaps fron Makcik Kiah ad her son Comot runs loose.