NSC DG on fantasy island

When we were young, most of us must have played the game tikam.

It was popular amongst kids as we try our luck fir a mere 5 cents at a board , hoping to strike it rich by chance.

It needed no brains, no studies, it was pure luck.

To reduce the odds it needed a bigger investment, more money and leave to a game of chance.

Watching a local tv station that prioritises itself with mor foreign news, it was appalling and sad to see the NSC DG looking at our chances of winning gold at Tokyo .

From one or two hopefuls for gold, he has now increased the list by another five.

It was as if watching David Copperfield walking through the Great Wall of China.

No stats, no colourful charts, no justification as to how on earth we could realistically made to think we have five gold medalists that will be in Tokyo.

Fine everyone is a potential gold medalist, but being a DG and give us that false premise is just a blatant lie.

Using results of stimulation competitions is such a silly approach.

The conditions differs, the pressure is different altogether.

I would love to hear the NSC DG justify his conclusion as r perhaps he did so when he got his 2 year extension by pulling wool over the eyes of the NSC Board Members in December 21.

And by the way since you have now cemented your position for another 2 years, can you finally elaborate the planning for the 2022 Commonwealth and Asian Games?

Or are you planning to exit in glory after the national wins it’s first olympic gold medal?

The sad part is that Sports and Youth Minister does not look at statistics or reality of the matter by letting such blatant misinformation be channeled to the gullible public Lat alone censure his DG.

Which now begs this question – will the real Minister please stand up.

He was around from March to September but somehow got lost in the jungles of Borneo.

God help Malaysian Sport, a chance to two car left a begging .