NSC Should Fund China Trip

The SEA Games are less then four months away and the delay in preparing the national Football team in indeed worrying.
The FAM had announced on March 25 that Ong Kim Swee would take over the coaching reins from Frank Benardt, but no proper training program has been revealed.

A meeting was held between FAM and the states with regards to releasing players for a period of time to allow the SEA Games squad to train uninterrupted with the M League commitments.

This has been dragging on for quite some time and many had expected a solution to this standstill last Friday.

However from statements made, it is obvious that there is some apprehension from states to release their players.

This is quite understandable as the SEA Games does not come under the purview of the FIFA Regulations and as such state FA’s cannot be compelled to release the players.

Another issue that baffle Football fans is the hesitation of FAM to send the squad for overseas training stints citing financial limitations.

Does not the SEA Games squad come under a joint management by KBS/NSC/FAM?

So why is FAM concerned about financial implications for an overseas training cum playing stunt when NSC rightfully has to pick up the tab?

Is it not true that NSC is being selective in providing funding for preparations of Athletes for the SEA Games as some national sports associations have seen rejections for tribal matters yet NSC opted to spend up to half a million ringgit on an inconsequential camp held at a leading hotel last December that saw barely 40 per cent of the actual Athletes set to compete in the SEA Games attend a so called ” familiarisation” camp?

And will anyone in NSC make public the amount allocated to each sport in preparing for the SEA Games in the name of transparency,

Or for that matter how many more of these ” camps” that will be held before the SEA Games?

The Sports Minister should examine the Cabinet Committee Report on the post mortem of the Athens Olympics to see why camps were done away in the first place.

Yet somehow they have started creeping back into the system now. and no prizes for guessing why.

Maybe the FAM President could ask this telling questions to the NSC Director General.

Preparations of trans after all is not the sole responsibility of the NSA’s!

So why keep claiming that Football Gold medal is the Mother of all Gold medals when hardly much effort is being put into preparing a decent team?