OCM – A toothless tiger!

The SEA Games has come and gone but there is just so much to discuss about.

However the focus of this article is on the transition of power, if that is what is to be believed will happen in the Olympic Council of Malaysia.

Rightfully the OCM elections ought to be held this year.

However it has been put off to next year, apparently due to our ” busy ” sports schedule this year, which in actual fact does not make sense at all.

The SEA Games was the only event, besides the Asian Indoor Games that OCM was actively involved in.

The actual reason for moving the elections to next year was to preserve the IOC seat of Tunku Imran as he must be still the President of OCM until his next birthday in March to allow him to stay in IOC until 2019.

This is a noble gesture and there is nothing wrong to accord this elder statesman that accolade.

However recent events in the SEA Games makes it necessary for some sort of revamp to take place within OCM to ensure it remains relevant and not be like the national sports associations that have sold the soul to the NSC.

While working together is acceptable, to bend backwards in order to ensure that certain personalities are in the ” good books” of NSC is certainly not the way.

OCM must and should realise that it is the umbrella body for sports and not let a typhoon called NSC blow it away.

To me OCM is no longer relevant in its present state as it’s merely now a post office for multi sports events, just rubber stamping all decisions made by NSC and no longer providing the check and balance required in the governance aspects of sports.

It is time for Tunku Imran to step aside, albeit a leave of absence and allow his deputy Dato Seri Norza to take charge of the ship which to many is sailing rudderless .

We have two very important multi sports events coming up in 2018, the Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games.

Norza and the Executive Board need to chart the direction of OCM towards these two important events instead of being left in the wilderness as was the case of the SEA Games.

The election of the deputy chef de missions, the secretariat staff and other key personnel ought to be the responsibility of OCM and not the NSC who use the office of the minister to assert their opinion.

The various NSA’s have hard working and dedicated officials, mostly volunteers, a dying breed these days, who ought to be considered to serve in multi sports events.

It was decided in one OCM Board meeting to set a criteria for the selection of chef de missions, deputies and secretariat staff for multi sports events but it was mere talk.

There is also a feeling within the sports fraternity that OCM these days merely allows NSC to walk all over it and this perception needs to stop.

It cannot be just left to NSC to dictate terms as they have their responsibilities towards sports confined to the NSC Act 1971.

And OCM’s sovereignty is protected under the 1997 Sports Development Act.

By the way what has happened to the proposed changes and enhancement of the Act that was promised by the four sports ministers?

Back to OCM, it embarked on a RM160k restructuring exercise but nothing has been heard since a while.

Only opinions of a few was taken by the consultants and not open up to even national sports associations who are the stake holders of OCM.

Even the media ought to be given a chance to present its views

But it looks like this is more of a restructuring process to enhance the position of a select few and Norza should set this right,

The time is right for Norza to step up the ante and prove that he is indeed the right person to assume the role of the President of OCM.

The sanctity of sport ought to he restored lest OCM to become a body full of cronies as has been the case of many sports governing bodies in the country.

Step up and be counted or forever hold your piece, for the time is tight to put right all the wrongs we did leading up to the SEA Games.