OCM – Adhere to your constitution

The last time I wrote about the Olympic Council of Malaysia, there was an immense hue and cry by certain quarters of its Executive Board.

Some even called for action to be taken against me through an inquiry as they were clearly not happy that u had reported the truth that occurred within the confines of their Executive Board.

It was all started by one person who felt slighted and the others jumped on the band wagon, smelling blood,

However I refused to stoop to their level, and I dare say I am prepared to take on any 3 of these disgruntled EB members on an open debate with regards to sports.

Now moving on, that incident left me to study the constitution of OCM and being The Cacat 1 with no life, I went through the OCM Constitution and found that things are not being done in accordance with their constitution.

Let’s first look at the composition of the Executive Board

The condition spells it out like this.



16.1. The Executive Board shall consist of the following:-

(a) all elected Office-Bearers;

(b) any member of the IOC resident in Malaysia;

(c) the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia;

(d) the Director-General of the National Sports Council Malaysia;

(e) the Director of the National Olympic Academy; and

(f) not more than four (4) persons to be appointed by the Executive Council, one of whom shall be from the State of Sabah and another from the State of Sarawak provided that representatives from these States are not holding any office under (a) above.

Firstly it clearly spells that from the goverment it is only the KSU and DG or KBS and NSC respectively.

The third person is the Director if the National Olympic Academy so this person is not from the elected members of OCM but rather an independent person.

Then we have the clause stating four independent members, one each from Sabah and Sarawak which was not enforced.

There is no mention of NSI Director General or the Heads of Committees of Doping/Medical neither the Head of Podium Program.

So while aiming to shoot the messenger, I hope those who were appointed or inducted wrongly will vacate their positions including the Director of the National Olympic Academy.

Now that is not all, we move next to the appointments of the various Chairpersons and members of the various sub committees within OCM.

This is what the constitution clearly spells out;



17.1. Creation & Classification

17.1.1. The Executive Council shall appoint members, designate the Chairmen, and outline the terms of reference and duties of all Committees. The Chairmen of such Committees shall report directly to the Executive Board and shall perform their duties under the direction of the Executive Board.

17.1.2. The Executive Council may at its discretion dissolve any Committee and may at any time appoint such other Committees as it deems necessary or fill any vacancy that may arise.

17.1.3. The Executive Council shall at its first meeting appoint the Chairmen and members of the following committees:-

(a)     Discipline (b)   Finance

(c)   General Purpose (d) Selection  

(e) Sport (f) Sport for All

(g) Marketing & Sponsorship (h) Building

(i)   Legal Advisory (j) Women and Sport

(k) Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

(l) Sport and Environment

(m) Information Technology and Resource Development


(n) such other committees as the Executive Council may deem necessary.

Now before one gets confused it is important to differentiate who is the Executive Board and Executive Council.

The Executive Board is as outlined in Article 16 as stated above.

Abd the Executive Council is as follows;



15.1. The Executive Council shall consist of the following:-

(a) a President

(b) an Honorary Life President

(c) a Deputy President

(d) five (5) Vice-Presidents

(e) an Honorary Secretary

(f) two Honorary Assistant Secretaries

(g) an Honorary Treasurer

(h) an Honorary Assistant Treasurer

(i) One (1) accredited representative of each Ordinary Member of the OCM;

(j) One (1) accredited representative of each Associate Member of the OCM, subject to Article 7.6 of this Constitution, and who shall have no voting rights;

(k) Any member of the IOC resident in Malaysia;

(l) A representative from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and the National Sports Council; and

(m) Not more than four (4) persons who, in the opinion of the Executive Council, can contribute to the objectives of the OCM.

15.1.1. All members of the Executive Council and every officer performing executive functions in OCM shall be Malaysian citizens.,

Therefore all appointments of the Chairpersons done at the first Executive Board Meeting in May 14 are deemed as null and void as the EB has no power to appoint the Chairpersons.

And subsequently all members of the sub committees appointed so far are ultra votes of the constitution as the list must be endorsed at the Executive Council.

It is hoped that those serving the affiliates of OCM and noteworthy ex internationals are appointed to the various sub committees and not “ friends” of the Chairperson in order to be popular.

So instead of shooting the messenger. It’s best to adhere to the constitution of OCM.

“ Shooting the messenger” is a metaphoric phrase used to describe the act of blaming the bearer of bad news. Until the advent of modern telecommunication, messages were usually delivered by human envoys”