OCM CEO. The Cart Before The Horse.

The six candidates that turned up for interview for the Chief Executive Officer of the Olympic Council of Malaysia are now playing the waiting game.

And it could well be a period of uncertainty as there was a rush to fill up the position that was hastily created.

One needs to step back to 2018 when Zubedy was tasked to look into the structure of OCM.

And although there was a mention of a CEO post to be created, the report revealed many things but were never made public.

Back to the present situation.

The interviews were conducted by the OCM President, the Deputy President Dato Azim Zabidi and Secretary General Dato Nazifuddin.

However it is now left to be seen just how long OCM will take to employ the person that the three feels is best suited for the job.

It is not a walk in the park though as amendments are required to be made to the existing OCM Constitution as there are areas of ambiguity should the constitution not be amended properly and approved the the Extra Ordinary General Assembly.

First and foremost in the duties of the OCM President as the following article reads;



20.1. The President shall be the Chief Executive of the OCM and shall preside at all General Assemblies and meetings of the Executive Council and the Executive Board.

In other words the President is currently the CEO and this has to be amended accordingly.

Maybe it’s best to reword the position to Chief Operating Officer so as not to render the President’s post to just being a figure head.

There is also another catch as well.

Currently OCM has in its employment a General Manager whose duties are explicitly laid out in the existing constitution.

One of the many examples is as stated below:



18.1. Nominations for Office-Bearers shall be invited from Ordinary Members by the General Manager of OCM or such officer duly authorized by the Executive Board, at least forty-two (42) days before the AGA in which elections are to be held.

Just two examples and the changes that need to be put in place before one the the six individuals named below is selected.

Michael John Warren, Venu Ramadass, Faizal Mohd Ali, Dr. Annathurai, Tim Newenham and

Ms. Ung Su Ling.

Interestingly only Tim has a wide range of experience in sport, way ahead of the others in matters of administration.

But those in OCM might resent hiring him as it will surely irk someone in Bukit Jalil.

With the OCM Council meeting this Saturday, a proposal could be tabled to hold an EAGM within the stipulated notice period given,

But before all that, someone needs to sit down and start re-writing the constitution.

A case of putting the cart before the horse.