OCM Constitution Task Force: Let the truth be made known

A rushed Task Force meeting to discuss the Olympic Council of Malaysia amendments to the constitution was called off at the 11th hour.

The meeting, to be chaired by OCM Deputy President Dato Seri Azim Zabidi was scheduled for Saturday, 27th Jume but late Friday , 26th June, those on the Task Force were notified otherwise.

Ironic that the postponement was made after a strongly worded email sent out by Dato Azim to the National Sports Associations just a day before.

Obviously referring to an article published in this website quoting former OCM Secretary General Dato Sieh Kok Chi, the email had amongst others had this to say;

“ There has been a lot of misinformation surrounding the Task Force which was set-up to look at reviewing the Olympic Council of Malaysia’s (OCM’s) constitution. The allegations made range from the Task Force being unconstitutional to the assertion that it is being hurriedly constructed to ensure certain personalities are retained in their current positions in OCM. All these are being hurled even before the first meeting of the Task Force can take place.”

There was no such allegation or misinformation with regards to the facts stated in the article. It was merely based on the provisions in the OCM constitution.

The Task force and choice of its members are the prerogative of Executive Board unless they , the EV, have given the power of selection to the Chairman, which was never stated anywhere or made public after the last EB meeting.

The EB can form a Task Force, no arguments here, however the task force cannot act as a committee. They can only do the preparation for the formation of a Committee which will have a specific terms of reference decided by the Executive Council . ( an executive council means representatives from all NSA’s)

Only the Executive Council can form and empower the Constitutional Review Committee. This is clearly stated in the current constitution.

It is clearly stated that the Executive Council must vote to form the committee and must set out the terms of reference. Once again based on facts.

What the affiliates of OCM must understand in this whole matter is an attempt to create confusion and ridicule the article published here is as follows:

The Executive Board approved the setting up of a Task Force and not a Committee as defined in Clauses 15.2.6 and 17.1.5.

Clause 15.2.6. are related to matters to establish committees of the OCM.

Clause 17.1.5. states that Each Committee shall perform its duties in accordance with its terms of reference and the policy of the Executive Council and may appoint Sub-Committee subject to approval of the Executive Board.

So factually there was no request to the Executive Council to form a Committee as

In addition there has been no Terms of Reference submitted to the Executive Council for approval

Therefore the current Committee , if that’s what they are being called, is not valid under the Constitution.

Therefore the decision to call off the meeting of the Task Force was justifiable at all costs as stated by this writer.

In addition it must be stated that one official of an NSA had sighted a document detailing the proposed changes to the constitution.

The fact remains that extensive preparations have been made including a new draft Constitution, several supporting documents including documented extensive changes in the voting rights of NSAs, the power of nomination, qualification for membership, have been drafted.

There should not be any attempt to hold the elections of the OCM Executive Board until after the 2021 Tokyo Olympics as it its only proper that an Olympic Cycle be concluded for the current Executive Board.

After all a precedent was set when the elections were put off for a full year prior to the 2017 SEA Games.

Hence why the rush to push through these amendments when a full year lies ahead?

Was it due to the fact that the EB was meeting on Tuesday June 30 ?

Do things correctly and in accordance to the constitution which is a sacred document of any organisation that believes in just and fair processes.

There is no agenda from our part in highlighting the apparent weaknesses in the system, only one thing matters – good governance.

So in the words of Dato Seri Azim in his email and I quote:

“ As the old adage goes, “a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing” so it is incumbent upon me to provide clarification on the matter so as there is no confusion or misunderstanding and that we are all on the same page.”

It is therefore vital to also remember this old adage “ look before you leap” for “ those who live in glass houses should not undress in broad daylight.”

Enough said of this rail roaring exercise in futility, move on, its sports that matters, not politics.

Let’s revisit the Olympic charter and to uphold the salient point of “ FairPlay”.