Below is a Q&A with the challenger Dato Seri Dr. Ibrahim Saad. Similiar questions were posed to incumbent Dato Dr. Jega, but he opted not to participate.

Dr. Jega had his reasons and I agree with his decision. ” The delegates know who I am and what I have contributed towards Malaysian sports. The choice is theirs to make. Thus I see no reason to participate in this Q&A session. I hope for the best and welcome the opportunity to serve OCM if the national sports associations value my contributions,” said Jega when contacted.

Creative people accept the challenge of creativity. When there is a situation that has not yielded to analytical thinking, the creative person is more willing to try new approaches and to suggest other ideas. There is a willingness to ‘show off’ creative skill.

So whatever is suggested has to be modified or changed. Just as a cat may mark its territory so a creative person may seek to leave his or her ego mark. This can mean that the original idea is weakened. The excitement of new ideas may mean that this becomes an end in itself, and the purpose of the idea is forgotten.

For Dato Seri Dr. Ibrahim Saad, the challenger to the post of Olympic Council of Malaysia Deputy Presidency, there needs to be a change in mind set in running OCM. He takes some questions on why he is in the race for the number two job at OCM.

Question: School sports are in dire straits. What will it take to ensure more emphasis is given to sports at schools?

The reward system of the society itself. As long as parents and society see that not enough return is derived from sports, they are not going to pursue it seriously. Yes, schools are the nurseries, but those with sports credentials are going nowhere in society, thus parents are going to think twice before getting their children involved seriously in sports.

Question: We keep targeting to win gold at the Olympics and only look at badminton. Has our focus changed from getting more to qualify for the Olynpics to winning medals. How will this help sports?

I believe there should be a dual prong approach, one is definitely to win something, the second should be to qualify and participate.

Question : The National Sports Associations are dependant on NSC for finance, at times even letting themselves be run by NSC. What will your advise by to the NSA’s?

The job of the government is to develop sports, similarly the job of government is to develop this country physically. If the government builds bridges and roads, do they have control over them? If we let ourselves be controlled, then why blame others?

Question: Policies change with new Sports Ministers. Do you agree that the changes to the National Sports Policy be adopted and used as a guideline by future Ministers?

Policies don’t change, but the manner in which it is implemented can change. Ministers must be knowledgeable before they can ever think of change. Can you imagine if every Minister wants to change policies, what will happen to our Education, Agriculture policies?

Question : OCM is said to be the umbrella body for sports. But many a time it is not consulted on issues affecting National sports associations. How will you address this issue?

Nobody will consult you in anything if you don’t want to be consulted, or you are not good enough to be consulted or even if you think that you are “ high and mighty”. OCM is to lead and serve. You are to lead because that is what your mandate is and you have to serve because that is your job.

Question: Does the Sports Development Act 1997 serve its purpose or is it a tool by the government to control the NSA and giving NSC the impetus to control them?

Nobody can control anybody. When you allow yourself to be controlled, that is a sign of weakness. Lack of knowledge is one reason why you allow yourself to be controlled. We should not blame the NSC or any other organization if you allow yourself to be controlled.

Do you agree or disagree with the position of Royals in sports. Politicians have been told to stay out of heading sports bodies. Does this rule need to be extended to Royals given that the sports associations come under scrutiny hence the Royals image is being tarnished?

In this nation of ours, everybody can be anything he/she wants to be. Anyone can lead, whatever he wants to lead. A Chinese can lead a Malay association, a Sikh can lead a Chinese association, and so on. The problem is when we fail, we put blame on everything else except ourselves. A leader is born everywhere, in the palace, in an attap house, in bungalows, in new villages, in estates, in Felda schemes. As Malaysian we should be proud of the diversities.

Question: Do you honestly feel that you have what it takes to be the Deputy President?

What does it take to be a Deputy President? Do you have to come from the heavens? Anybody can be a Deputy President. He has to lead, to serve and to fight when necessary, to be there when needed, to make decisions when called upon, to be in office where he belongs. If I could not do all of this, I will not offer myself.