OCM Elections – Politics at its highest

While the public is still playing a guessing game on when the 14th General Elections will be held, one sports body has seen a battle erupting as candidates jostle for positions and the be on the correct team.

Although there is still around 4 months to go before the Olympic Council of Malaysia elections, scheduled for June 30, what started as a whisper campaign last year has now grown momentum with even a “ Lobbying Team” being formed with some officials being on the phone daily to remind affiliates that their candidates are akin to a breath of fresh air for sports in the country.

Many have raised this constant calls as quite irritating but the “election agents” of these candidates feel this “ kuno” way of campaigning as the most effective.

Unhealthy, unethical, character assassination, back biting, sweet talking, promises, rewards, race, colour and creed seems to be used freely by those representing certain candidates, or so it has been claimed.

But while these paid mercenaries or those who stand to gain if their candidates get elected go about destroying the Essence of sports, a battle for supremacy looms on the horizons.

Discussion, more like barter trading, red herring mostly prevalent amongst so called colleagues seem to be the flavour of the day as sports interest takes a back seat.

While Dato Seri Mohammad Norza Zakaria seems to be the President elect since Tunku Tan Sri Imran Tuanku Jaafar decided not to seek re- election since last year, it is the emergence of ISN Board Chairman Dato Azim Zabidi as the Deputy President candidate that had raised eyebrows or rather somewhat derailed carefully lain out plans for a smooth succession.

Imran, being the statesman he is, tried to get his OCM Board members together to see if they would cone to a connected n stand and compromise, not rocking the boat in the quest for positions.

However many remained evasive though some made clear their displeasure in Azim’s desire to join this elite group.

For a meeting , though secretive, held amongst this group of officials, for fun sake let’s call them “ The Chosen Ones” the distribution of positions was decided.

And one thing was agreed – that current Secretary General Dato Low Beng Choo was no longer to be part of the team The Chosen Ones.

However Azim’s desire caused ripples and distrust amongst this group, with some being felt that they were left out of the decision making Ng process with one person pulling the strings.

So with number one and two almost sealed, the focus shifted to the all important and powerful Secretary General position and it can be revealed that Beng Choo will now be challenged by incumbent Vice President Dato Seri Nazifuddin Najib.

While many felt Nazifuddin will be the ideal person to ride shotgun to Norza, the lack of capable or noteworthy candidates amongst The Chosen Ones forced them to use the “ joker in the pack” akin to playing a card game.

So Beng Choo v Nazifuddin battle is set to take place and here is where it gets interesting as far as Two government agencies are concerned, NSC and ISN.

It is obvious that ISN will support whichever camp it’s Chairman is swinging too while NSC will support Beng Choo.

And with national sports bodies “ shit scared” of these agencies, it will be interesting to see where the captains of these two ships ride the stormy weather ahead.

It will be sad to see with Beng Choo or Nazifuddin losing out bit such is the nature of sports politics.

Both have their strengths and weakness, but personally I see the duo as mere pawns in a game of intrigue, that promises more twists and turns then any Formula One circuit.

Now comes the race for the Vice Presidents.

There are several candidates that are being touted as possible candidates from The Chosen Ones or put up by those who feel that OCM ought to be free of a clique system.

At present those whose names are being mentioned are FAM General Secretary Dato Hamidin Mohd Amin, MAF Vice President Dato Paduka Mumtaz Jaafar, SRAM President Huang Ying How, Malaysian Rugby Union President Datuk Shahrul Zaman Yahya, UPM Sports Academy Director Dr. Shanala Subramaniam, Malaysian Pencak Silat Secretary General YB Senator Datuk Haji Megat Zulkarnain Tan Sri Onardin, former MHC deputy president Dato Azmi Ahmad and former MAF Deputy President Dato Danyal Balagopal ( subject to his appeal from suspension being successful)

Incumbents such as Prof Dato Dr. Zakaria Ahmad and Dato Ing Poh Eng are also expected to defend their positions,

Ironically from all the candidates listed, onlyMumtaz and Ong have represented the country as athletes at the highest level.

Observers are baffled as to why so many politicians are now inclined towards holding positions in sports bodies given the fact that most parachuted their way into positions in the first place.

So what is their real intention or motive in wanting the be on the Board in the first place?

Unlike one that has a burning ambition, desire and craving for positions although more of a chameleon rather then a leader, the intentions of others really is dumbfounded when they ought to concentrate on the sports that they have been entrusted to.

Oh yes before one forgets, Dato Sieh Kok Chi has made it clear he does not intend to seek re-election as Assistant Hon Secretary bit Moura Tan is expected to be challenged as well for Asst Hon Secretary( Women ) with some even touting Mumtaz as her challenger but the latter had confirmed as going for Vice President.

Acting treasurer Ahmad Feisal Ahmad Tajuddin who took over from Rosmanizam Abdullah under some mysterious circumstances just after the last AGM could face a challenge as well.

So willThe Chosen Ones have their way and walk all over what is the last bastion of honest sports or will common sense prevail and those worthy of positions be elected.

Let the “ politics” begin…