OCM, get things right please

The Olympic Council of Malaysia Executive Boards meets tomorrow ;( Tuesday ).

In line with the Conditional Movement Control Order , the meeting will be held online, either by Skype, Zion or other online platforms.

Having not penned anything about OCM for quite a bit, I found it necessary to do so this time around.

It is purely due to three factors, all that I hold close to my heart in my quest for transparency and good governance.

First is the fact that there is an ongoing investigation that centres around one thing – who leaks details of what transpires in the meetings or other information to me.

Staff have been threatened. Even to the extent of being told their personal phones can be checked as well.

To those who had initiated this or are still pursuing this. I welcome it with open arms, but please go read the data protection act as well as the privacy laws.

Secondly it is a Long overdrawn issue.

There was such fanfare a year ago with regards to the Whistle Blower Act that OCM initiated.

Everything had been completed but no steps taken to initiate its implementation. What had become of it,

And thirdly, something that u have been fighting to correct, the separation of the National Olympic Director position.

In August last year this matter was discussed and it was agreed that an elected office bearer should not hold that position .

Mind you it was dominated by an individual who felt it was a family heirloom.

So why has not a competent person been appointed to that position?

And the individual holding it now should not have the liberty to install a person of his or her choice as replacement.

Correctly the position ought to be head hunted or advertises and the best candidate chosen as its Olympic values we are talking about.

Finally kudos to OCM for approving RM265k to associations from their Covid 19 fund as well as 50 per cent off rentals for those at Wisma FAM.

But can we have a better press release after the OCM Board meeting, not a 4 paragraph pathetic effort that took four hours after the Trust Fund meeting please.

Have a great day investigating me, and oh yes, the proposed constitution amendments ought to be discussed in a physical meeting, not online.