OCM initiate inquiry

The Olympic Council of Malaysia Executive Board has decided to form an inquiry panel with regards to the dispute in the Men’s 3,000m Short Track Speed Skating Relay Team in the Kuala Lumpur 29th SEA Games

The purpose of the formation of the panel is to determine if any regulations or breaches of authority and abuse of power occured which led to allegations surfacing that a skater who was not eligible was allowed to receive the gold medal on the podium despite it being a team sport for four athletes.

The panel is expected to determine if any breach of regulations was done be it by the national body, the contingent personal, the officials from either the NSC or the OCM.

This matter had been debated heatedly over the past board meetings and at the last meeting it was decided the lawyer Dato Seri Jahaberdeen , whi is the Acting President of the KL Badminton Association Be appointed to chair the panel and get to the bottom of the matter.

Though some may consider this a minor dispute, the fact that an individual could have overstepped his boundary makes it interesting as the very Essence of FairPlay was manipulated.