The National Sports Council and Olympic Council of Malaysia have been given two weeks to conduct a post mortem and report their findings to the Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin.

And the Minister expects the two bodies to be thorough with their report as he expects them to provide findings that will be address any shortcomings and at the same time ensure that the preparations for the multi sports events are not affected.

And Khairy is prepared to go one step further, for he is quite prepared to let the soon to be appointed Sports Advisory Panel dissect the report and look at areas that were not addressed and let them come up with recommendations.

“I am in the midst of short listing candidates for the Sports Advisory Panel. And I will not hesitate to hand the task of the SEA Games post mortem to the panel should I find the report submitted by OCM and NSC not up to the mark” warned Khairy.

“I believe that OCM and NSC will be detailed in their findings and provide fresh impetus on how to address any weakness in our system especially when we have the Commonwealth Games and Asian games this year.

“Let me make it clear that it is not a fault finding mission, but one that requires transparency and honesty if we want to improve on our sporting fortunes.”

Khairy said that he will be announcing the Chairman and members of the Sports Advisory Panel next week and intends to get them involved in charting the course in improving the quality of Malaysian sports.

“While achieving the 40 gold medal target is commendable, we must also find out why some projected gold medals prospects failed to deliver,” added Khairy.

“Thus I call on OCM and NSC to be honest and transparent in their post mortem and not attempt to paint a rosy picture,” warned Khairy.