OCM Post AGM, What is next!

A day after the Olympic Council of Malaysia elections and the rumour mongers plus self proclaimed sports Analysts and Experts are having a field day churning up stories.

Stories that probably even their own kids will not buy but they still go around trying to pass snide remarks, talking as if they are Gods gift to Malaysian Sports.

The tranquility of the morning was broken with a phone call from a Friend, stating that NSC Director General Dato Ahmad Shapawi was peeved with the statement made by newly elected OCM Secretary General in his 2 minute candidate speech.

Dato Nazifuddin had touched on the responsibility of OCM towards its affiliates instead of others, stating that while OCM only provided RM300k to affiliates it allowed NSC to owe OCM more then RM2 over million,

The situation is simple – if it’s not true then just use the newspapers that are NSC friendly to highlight the denial.

But if there is truth to it, then kindly let us know why such a situation occured and move on.

Simple, no need to get agitated when you opted not to attend the OCM AGM, oh yes neither did the ISN CEO.

Moving on then there was talk that some national associations did a U turn at voting.

Nazifuddin won by a mere one vote and frankly I feel he expected more.

And Dato Low Beng Choo was oozing with calmness hours before the AGM, portraying the aura of confidence,

So why was there such a close fight when both candidates were so optimistic of winning?

Ever heard of the word “ kena kencing”? It means those who pleaded their support never delivered.

Both the candidates fell for a game orchestrated by an unseen hand, one that made both look poor.

One thing that baffled me was what if there was a tie?

Nothing was told to delegates not leave until results announced as many were seen leaving after voting and lunch.

Now had these associations read the rules, they would have known that there is no casting vote but a re-vote was to take place.

Ignorant of rules was clear when some associations could only have two votes as their third representative did not meet with the requirements of change to be done 24 hours before the AGM.

If these bodies are not bothered to read rules and adhere to them, then why bother holding positions in the first place.

Yes, the focus will be on the likes of Dato Azim Zabidi and Nazifuddin as many would want to see them choke, fail or be ill prepared

The duo must be given the benefit of doubt as the early days will be tough but once they get in the swing of things, it will be a walk in the park.

Now that the five Vice Presidents have hot on board, I hope all of them will contribute towards the OCM rather then warm the chairs and await trips as has been the case in the past.

Those elected to positions ought to remember one thing- that they are thereto serve and not to be served.

Therefore meeting key performance index and acting above Board without any inclination towards cronies of their own national bodies is a key factor.

Towards that this blog makes a commitment to carry on its role as the watchdog, with no favours expected and no quarter given.

Closing ranks is vital for all within OCM as what is important is that sports unites and not create divisions.

Hence the distasteful act of individuals who were behind the poison pen letter was rightfully condemned by Dato Seri Norza Zakaria.

And it is also learnt that a police report is to be lodged for the authorities to open investigations against this cowardly act that was a personal Attack rather then providing constructive criticism towards improving OCM.

Hopefully those in positions in OCM will look at this posting as a check and balance rather then get personal,

In other words . “ I am watching you.”