The Olympic Council of Malaysia will take over with regards to the attire of the Malaysian contingents in multi sports events in the future.
Having seen and heard enough with regards to the issue of the contingent’s attire at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics, OCM President Tunku Tan Sri Imran Tuanku Jaafar said that it had been OCM’s domain in the past but the government had taken over over two decades.
“Having given serious consideration and looking at the issue with regards to the attire in London, we have decided that it will be OCM that will determine the attire for multi sports events from now on, ” said Imran when met at the sidelines of the Olympics.
“It is our responsibility and we have to ensure that experimenting has to stop and we need to come out with a design that reflects Malaysia and recognisable in the international arena.
“We have to move forward and not find fault nor point fingers. OCM will have to be innovative and look into this matter seriously.”
The issue of the attire has been the butt of jokes in the international arena as well as in cyber space. And there has been silence from the Minister of Youth and Sports.
Another aspect is the uniformity as can be seen in the picture above with one athlete wearing red shoes, as opposed to the others wearing black.
And there are also issues such as more officials marching then athletes, but lets keep that for another day.