The Malaysian Hockey Federation has finally put up a website and the Football Association of Malaysia are said to be looking into revamping their current website or even taking over an existing site while shutting down their current site.

While the effort of the MHF is commendable, it is pointless having a site that is not updated daily and lacks even basic info.

For starters a site of a national body should not have grammar mistakes as it reflects the poor command of English within it’s administration. Next we have the copy and paste syndrome adopted by MHF where the President’s speech is on the front page of the site, clearly an amateurish attempt to please the royalty.

The fact that MHF has linked two of my sites, the Malaysian Junior Hockey League 2010 and the Sultan Azlan Shah 2010 sites as links on their sites shows clearly their lack of understanding on ethics of the cyber world. You just cannot take someone else’s work and lay claim on it as your own. Notice has been given to MHF to remove the links.

Now while the site is up, I wonder where is the MHL site that the Deputy President and Secretary hijacked from me? It was to debut on December 29 but will we get a Valentines Day present? Sure hope so as could do with some competition to the UNOFFICIAL site www.tnbmhl.com.my.

Back to websites, any IT savvy kid can construct a website my dear friends at MHF and FAM. But it is the content that is vital and in the case of these two bodies providing info on their respective competitions is what is vital.

So no point putting up something that you are unable to maintain right? Unless you are just having a site because people like me and the main stream media belittled you on your inability to do simple things a kid could have done.

On the issue of PR Consultants, just take a look at the media releases sent out for the upcoming tennis event. Another case of copy and paste, lacks imagination and just akin to an essay a kid will write in Form One.

But then again these PR gurus are paid mega bucks just to send out releases and when we bid for jobs, then its the Sports Minister who has the say.

Wonder if these so-called friends ask the sports ministry or NSC on the choice of gifts they buy for their wives for the upcoming Valentines.

And yes before I forget, the NSC and OCM sites are no better.

As for you MHF, please remove my link as I am asking nicely, no need to take credit for my work lest I remove the sites for hood and hockey fans lose out!