OKS Unfazed With Criticism

Undeterred and unfazed.
That aptly describes how national coach Dato Ong Kim Swee reacted to the criticism hurled to him over his coaching ability.
The Malacca born was as cool as a cucumber, opting to talk more about the enthusiasm shown by the trainees in the national team then let some unsustained claims affect his demure.
” Everyone is entitled to their opinion and to me I have a job to do and have no time to think about these type of distractions” said Kim Swee.
” The personal attacks will not stop no matter what I do or say and it started from the very first day I assumed the job as national coach.
” My duty is to train the team and that is exactly what I intend to do. 
” The players are well aware of the situation and when they take the field they do not play for themselves or for me, rather they play for the country.
” My response is simple – it does not bother me one bit what others think, I work with sincerity and carry out my responsibilities to the nation. 
” I think the fans that know Football realise what the actual situation is.
” And as far as comparison between local and foreign coaches, just take a look at the facts, it tells its own story.”
It is however ironic that the criticism on the ability of Kim Swee cane from a club that probably has hired the most of players that were groomed by Kim Swee.
Among those who don the jerseys ofJDT and were groomed by Kim Swee are Izham Tarmizi     , Sasikumar, Mahali Jasuli, Gary Steven, Azrif Nasrulhaqand Fadhli Shas .
It does not just stop there as in JDT 11 one can identify players like Amer Saidin, Irfan Fazail, Fandi Othman and Syazwan Andik as former Kim Swee charges.
The coach knows that the matches against Singapore and Afghanistan will put him under the microscope once again but has faith in his players.
” I have a decision to make, as to who I would field against Singapore and also get a positive result,” said Kim Swee.
” I believe that FAM had Abd continues to have faith in me and I intend to Prive my worth by getting positive results on the pitch
” I need to have the core team ready for the AFF Cup as I cannot live in having to play a guessing game on who will be available or not.
” I believe in my players and trust me when I say I see desire to do well in their eyes.”