Olympic Gold : Minister falls for oldest trick

What’s with this obsession of winning an Olympic Gold Medal?

The first statement made by the newly minted but “old” Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican was that his aim was to deliver the nations first ever Olympic Gold Medal!

You obviously are more a politician then a Sports Minister.

The Road to Tokyo Program started as soon as the 2016 Rio Olympic was over.

In reality that program was started by the then Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin and continued by Syed Sadiq.

What you are doing now is merely completing the 4 year cycle of a program, hence that’s not your focus

What your advisors ought to and should have told you to say was this ;

“ That we need to plan the next cycle for sports, which is to determine our targets as well as planning for the upcoming SEA Games ( 2021), Commonwealth Games ( 2022) and Asian Games ( 2022). And once the Tokyo Olympics is over we need to kick start a cycle for the next 4 years. All this programs will shape the destiny of our sports and focus as well as detailed attention needs to be provided.”

A statement such as this would have eased the pressure off your shoulders as rightfully you cannot be held responsible for something you did not plan.

However at the sane time, being a true blue politician, you can by all means bask in glory should , a big should, we win that elusive gold medal.

As a Sports Minister, you are responsible towards moulding and charting the path towards our success at the international stage.

And hopefully Reezal you will not get sucked into the euphoria of Tokyo ( which may be postponed) and look beyond this matter.

Sports in this country honestly is at its lowest ebb.

GI down to the ground, engage in discussions with those that really matter – the athletes and the national sports associations.

For without either or, there will not be a NSC or NSI.

It’s that two agencies that need the national sports associations and not vice versa.

However that has not been the case as these two bodies have usurped the authority of these democratically elected office bearers just because they hold the money.

Basically most sports in this country are being held at ransom so as to speak!

Put your ear to the ground. Do not get easily swayed as you did in the manner in which you conducted your first meet the media session.

And yes, why is it that goverment officials are so obsessed with welcoming a new minister with giving him a “ tiger” jacket or the minister clicking in?

Why did the KBS not get a few youth leaders and athletes to welcome the new Minister and his young deputy?

Oh yes I forgot, it’s protocol right, or was it a photo op for you all rather then the Minister.

“ Bodeking” started from day one, and the Minister fell for it right away.

Oh well, three years is not a long wait right, after all we went through 19 months of torture already.

Let’s enjoy the dialysis in the mean time, at least something is cleaned every other day if not our sports.