After having snubbed Badminton Association of Malaysia and spoken out against decisions taken by the Football Association of Malaysia,  Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin made what is perhaps the decision that has been anticipated by many – having a new KSU at the helm at the Ministry of Youth and Sports as reported by Bernama earlier today.
The replacement will bring joy to many but therr will also be those who will frown at the decision taken as the former KSU has worked his way up and now will be placed at the JPA.
Next the focus will be in the Sports Commissioner and it is clear that the former KSU will not be placed there since he will be placed back into the pool at JPA awaiting his next assignment.
Which brings us to the question on just who will assume the post at the Sports Commissioner Office.
There is talk that Dato Jalil Abdullah, a senior director at NSC could move there since his relationship with the current DG is rather strained.
But there has also been some talk among the grapevines that former National Sports Institute Director General Dato Dr. Ramlan Azuz could be reinstated.
Should that happen then the current NSI DG Ahmad Shapawi Ismail could take a short walk across to the SC office.
Khairy has been keeping his cards close to his chest on making changes but knowing him, Khairy speaks as he thinks,  and he is not one to hold back words.
While other Ministers take time to settle down, Khairy had got down to work, not even concerned that some minnows make more statement on sports of late.