A year ago Badminton Association of Malaysia was in the news for the wrong reasons.
It was because Datuk Misbun Sidek had quit BAM, something this blog had predicted on September 6, 2010.
Over the year BAM were involved in major controversial matters, topping it was taking away the right of doubles pair Gan Teik Chai/Tan Bin Shen from participating in the World Championships, something that the public were aghast when they found out.
One would expect BAM to handle crisis much better, but creating crisis seems to be the niche in administrative abilities.
For they had an open ended advertisement for the High Performance Directors position, something two top BAM officials were hell bent on taking away from Dato James Selvaraj.
Fine it is your right to advertise but why were there so many different reports on the number of applicants for the BAM Secretary had on a TV talk show commented that there were 16 applicants.
Now one paper reports that there were 20, another says 19, the third says 17 and even the number to call for interview is a guessing game with some saying 4,5 and so forth.
What the paper did get wrong was the date for the interview as its on Tuesday Jan 3 and not Monday Jan 2.
On top of that BAM have called in persons who did not apply as two of the candidates, one whom I can name as Wong Ah Jit, did not apply but were approached by BAM.
Now it goes to show the sincerity of the BAM officials, for the interview is a hogwash as they have initiated discussions with NSI for Ah Jit’s services.
Now that alone is something for MACC to ponder for BAM is misleading the public and there is an element of fraud by advertising and not letting the due process take place by letting those who applied by considered.
If from the 16 original applicants no one is deemed to be qualified, them only head hunting should start.
And let me clear the air, never did I ever even consider applying for the position so cut the bull of a story that a BAM official is spreading.
Changes in BAM, it can only happen when we fail to make the Thomas Cup and not win gold in London.