Ow – Passionate and Dedicated 

There is an unsung hero behind the success of the national Hockey team that qualified for the 2018 World Cup.
This individual has dedicated his time, effort and even many a time financially to help the national team attain the consistency and success they have long desired for.

He is none other then Dato Ow Soon Kooi, a former national captain and donned the national jersey for a period of 11 years.

Ow, in his capacity as the Coaching Chairman makes almost daily trips to watch the national team , be it men or women teams in training.

He observes the training sessions, matches and most domestic league tournaments and provides valuable input towards the coaching staff.

A quiet, unassuming character that only has Hockey in his heart, Ow records every national team match and watches it repeatedly into the wee hours of the morning to spot weakness and strengths of the players.

And when the matches are not on TV, he requests and views all the team video matches, Analysing them and trying to understand the chinks in the Armour besides working on areas that the team should improve on.

And one such observation that Ow made was the lack of decisiveness in our penalty corners, as he felt that Malaysia were not effective enough in this department in the World League Round 2 in Dhaka as well as the Azlan Shah Cup,

Never one to ruffle feathers but always speaking his mind without fear or favour, it was this observation by Ow that eventually paid dividends for the national team in London.

On a personal note Ow has assisted the career development of players, assisting for players to join the Royal Malaysian Police and also ensured that a player who faced personal problems kept his focus on the game, if not the nation would have lost a talented player.

Ow, who shuns publicity, going around doing his responsibilities with much fanfare, has such sound technical insights of the game, using largely his experience as a national skipper, having played at the highest levels – Olympics and World Cup.

As a blogger I have my differences with him, but I gave and still give him the utmost respect for he clearly knows what he is talking about.

So while the players and coaches deserve all the accolades, spare a thought for the contributions of Ow, who has medical issues where many a lesser person would have used as an exit, but not Ow who has hockey running through his veins.

It’s not often that we find such a dedicated official and hockey is fortunate that he is still serving diligently despite hanging his stick in 1984.

Well done Ow, carry on and serve the sport which in your words has given so much to you.