PJS Advisory – Why not from Sports Minister

A clear indication that all is not well at the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

I had tweeted posing a question as to why the Sports Commissioner had sent out a Media Statement which was an advisory that mass gathering for sports should be avoided.

Within minutes the Admin of the Deputy Minister of Sports responses saying that the Media Release had gone through proper procedures including clearance from the Ministry’s Corporate Communication Unit.

And the bantering went on defending the statement , citing it was an advise.

But when I responded that this was “ not within the pay bracket of the Admin”, it went quiet.

Well a piece of advise to the Deputy Minister and his cyber troopers.

Firstly it is obvious that your entire Ministry is disjointed.

Only a few days ago the Director General of the NSC was quoted that there was no question of Sukma being postponed!

And the correct procedure, more of a advice to these little Napoleons ;

“ Such an advisory and instruction should rightfully be issued by the Minister as it is a policy matter.”

“ The correct agency to advise the Minister is the National Sports Institute where the medical experts are based.”

“ The role of the Sports Commissioner is nothing more then the Registrar of Societies”

“ The Sports Commissioners Officer has the authority to deny the issuance of a license to host events as per the Sports Development Act 1997.”

“ And finally an advisory is not enforceable making it just a waste of time and effort in seeking cheap publicity when the Ministry of Health has clearly issued their clear guidelines”

It will be best for those in KBS, in particular the Deputy Minister’s Officer to learn from how the Ministry of Education handles the matter.

The Sports Division did their homework before advising the Minister who gave the green light for a circular and press statement to be made.

No confusion, no over riding authority.

And precisely what I had asked on the many unsolved cases of sports that the Sports Commissioners Office has failed to act on is illustrated with the interim injunction on MAKAF granted by the Seremban Court of March 4 to the plaintiff against MAKAF.

Now will the Right Honourable Sports Commissioner kindly respond ?

And if unable to draft a reply or press release, kindly refer to Deputy Minister to help out.

And what is this I hear from the whiskers in the corridors at KBS that the initial statement did not go down well with certain quarters as it did not conform to the standard operating procedure

If true then I have no other alternative but to seek the resignation of the Deputy Minister for wrongfully misleading the public based on the replies on Twitter.

Someone needs to be accountable and the truth must be told.

So let’s not beat around the bush please, just state facts as they are.

And always act and remain within your pay bracket please little Napoleons.