I agree with Haresh Deol, on his blog, that people who next to nothing are weighing in on the badminton issue. Well, they think that they are the know al of Malaysian Sports, that they have the solution, that they have the knowledge, that they are the best, that only what they say is the truth.
But in reality these are the very people who are the biggest conmen on the face of the earth as they hoodwink others with their brazen talk, offering solutions that are not their ideas in the first place, and above all use race and religion as an excuse to justify their arguments.
Sitting behind desks, living in the past, thinking that the past crowning glory was only theirs, is just some of their traits as they destroy others with bad mouthing, claiming that others have vested interests when it is they that are the fakes, like the goods in Petaling Street.
If Misbun Sidek wants to go, its his choice, purely his. He should not hold BAM at ransom, period. And after all he has served the country well, and has been rewarded well. Let’s leave BAM to make their decisions for either way they will get the brickbats.
An elaborate plan to get of the President is well under way. And maybe Misbun is being used by a certain someone as others weigh in. Let’s not go back to 2004 please, as I know enough what transpired then to write a book on badminton.