Podium Task Force: Defiant NSC kills Task Force Findings

Why bother having a Podium Enhancement Task Force in the first place?

That is a question that the current Youth and Sports Minister should assures following the non show of the Chief Secretary of KBS as well his comrade in arms the NSC Director General at a hastily arranged meeting with three members of the Task Force to review the final report which actually was submitted months ago to the Minister.

This special panel was also attended by the two deputy Secretary Generals of the Ministry.

The no show by these two officials is an act of defiance towards the Minister and no amount of excuses can be accepted, except that they were under quarantine for Covid 19.

The members of the Task Force worked tirelessly over 6 weeks in August/September and in the process conducted scores of interview with those involved in this multi million ringgit venture which I dare say fell flat on himself face.

While it did not produce any significant results , a fact acknowledged by the Minister himself in justifying the formation of the Task Force after the June 27 NSC Board Meeting, , ut did produce a more powerful NSC DG that start usurping the powers of the NSI CEO.

Abd in a matter of time, I believe this Minister will be so smitten by the NSC DG that the NSI DG will be history, this is state as a fact.

Killing the careers of good people comes as a natural talent by an agricultural guy who attacks the roots!

So what will happen next?

Nothing as the entire exercise was an act of futility, a total cover up to save the arse of a few individuals who managed money for the podium program as if it was their family heirloom.

Even the Task Force never had a free hand as the Ministers Special Officer played the role of being the snitch, giving updates to the NAC DG and manoeuvred the members of the Task Force as if it was the desire of the Minister to do so.

As leaks to the NSC DG were in abundance, he start suddenly creating special programs such as the Pilot Programs for certain athletes which he probably realised during his drive back to his village since he allowed that national hockey team to play an inconsequential match , risking the lives, an action where he should rightfully be sacked.

But no, none of that will happen as by then he was deemed invincible.

In the words of his senior officer to one Secretary of the National Soots Association , “ KP Sudah kowtim dengan menteri Sekaran”, a direct reference that the Minister in the early months broiled no none-sense.

Is that true?

Well all can see for themselves.

Since the Minister took on the portfolio , he has done something similar as Syed Sadiq- that is never to meet with the stakeholders in sports , that national sports associations in a group to hear their grouses.

The NSC is run as a carted, a mafia, an institution that never plays fair.

Look at the Task Force itself

They have yet to be paid a single cent, wasting the time,money and effort and risking their lives but are made to wait for a job completed in September

If esteemed members of our sports fraternity could be treated in such a manner by the NSC, imagine the perils faced by the fraternity in getting their dues!

We paid millions for the Brian Miller and Sterling reports by foreigners, yet NSC shows their might yet again.

Do we really need a Sports Minister after the GE15!

The answer is NO as might as make the NSC DG a Senator abd Shorts Minister lah.

So that he can start the Road to Paris and employ individual coaches if his choice to train individual athletes that tells NSA “s that they are no longer required.