Podium Task Force starts work

For the Podium Program, the clock starts ticking from today.

For The Force set up by the Youth and Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican sits down for the first time.

Their task is fairly straightforward – to look into ways and means to enhance the effectiveness of the program and set its direction.

Though no names have been released as yet with regards to the composition of the Task Force, it’s headed by an experienced administrator and sports science expert in Dato Dr. Ramlan Abdul Aziz.

No drum roll, no fanfare, nothing as the former National Sports Institute and National Sports Council Director General gets down to dissect the patient that he initially help deliver in 2016.

All that can be revealed of Ramlan’s operating team is two former internationals, both with sound administration experience, two leaders of a national sports body, a leading journalist and a member from stakeholders , the Olympic Council Malaysia.

This seven member task force will not spend time on finding out what went wrong or who was responsible.

They have far more important things to do then dance to the tune of the media who used phrases like “ rombak”, change, “ pindah”.

The media loves a circus but this time around they might probably are in for a shock.

It is learnt that a directive was given for no media statements to be issued after meetings.

Just who, how and when will those required to shed light on the program be called up, if any will remain a mystery of sorts, although some will camp outside locations of meetings and sensationalism will be the flavour though nothing is to leak.

In 2018 after the Asian Games , a sham of a post mortem was hell, well orchestrated to remove the Podium Program from its “ mother of birth” and handed to a surrogate.

The child is now 4 years old and directionless as he/she is being led in all directions, not certain to what lies ahead.

Money, too much or too little has always been the bane for our sports fraternity.

Everyone wantscto lay their hands on podium – change cars, renovate office, purchase equipment that’s of no use or simply fly the world.

Will we finally see changes for the better for Podium?

The Minister believes so, let’s all put faith in his belief.