Poker Face Candidates

It was an interesting Chinese New Year do by the Olympic Council of Malaysia.

The food was good, the entertainment catered for all communities but the most interesting was the poker game being played.

There is no doubt that there is a split within the ranks of the OCM Board members, but those who attended went about putting up fake smiles and artificial handshakes and bugs.

In fact most of them could have easily fooled any croupier at our casinos with their poker faces, giving nothing away as to which side of the fence they stood.

President elect Datp Seri Norza Zakaria and Deputy President candidate Dato Azim Zabidi were seen going table to table ( although one conspicuously missed out the table I occupied) to welcome those who graced the function.

It was not a campaign walk I must clarify as they were merely playing the role of being friendly as well as giving respect to those who were present.

And this table visits were not limited to the duo as most of the Board members went around greeting those present.

But as they were making their rounds, there was also whispers heard that a Norza could well be challenged for the position with talk of a “ third” force emerging to challenge the so called “ Dream Team”.

Even within the current OCM Board members they are not sure if they are part of this great ship as the skipper has not indicated anything to them.

So back to the function.

One well dressed figure went about greeting the girls s, playing the true role as host as he took as many photos and selfies as he could to enjoy the moment.

He was none other then Dato Sieh Kok Chi – one we can refer to as an institution rather then just a mere figure,

This elder statesman could well be the one person who could stop OCM from hitting a glacier and sinking like the Titanic did.

But he is disillusioned, hurt, fed up and above all blaming himself for what OCM had now become.

For an observer like me, it is painful to see “ classy gentlemen” revert to such bickering all for the sake of positions and power.

What these aspiring candidates, and their campaign workers need to understand in simple logic is this – are they there to serve or they want to be served?

Await my next posting on Tuesday morning just before the OCM Board meeting for a startling revelation, one that might require potential candidates in the Board to wear masks to the meeting as their poker faces will not be able to fend off their affiliation.