Post Hamidin – Who will be Secretary General

With the FAM Exco decisions going according to script, many will be wondering what is next for FAM.

Nomination forms for the position of FAM President have been despatched and Dato Hamidin Amin, The Chosen One, received his first nomination yesterday itself from a Malacca.

With Selangor, Coaches Association and a few other states having gone public on their support for Hamidin, all it needs now is for the 19 affiliates, minus Malacca, to submit their nominations for Hamidin.

So there is really no need for the deadline of May 11 or even the Congress on July 14 as Hamidin is the “ President Elect” awaiting formalities to assume office.

Now the question is will FAM fill up the vacant position of Secretary General when Hamidin vacated it on July 14?

Going by the statutes of FAM, the prerogative of appointing the Secretary General is by the President.

This is clearly defined by Article 61.1 which states “ The General Secretary shall be appointed by the President.”

The question is just who is capable of filling up the shoes of Hamidin Who over the years has shown that he is “ master” class when it comes to administrative skills.

FAM has had their share of good administrators in the likes of Dato Paul Mont, Dato Dell Akhbar and Tan Sri Dr. Ibrahim Saad to name a few.

But during their period the President was never “ hands on” leaving the entire business of running FAM in the able hands of the Secretary General.

Assuming Hamidin is the President, who, if any is capable of filling his shoes or even keeping ip to pace with the President elect!

Many might not know, Hamidin turns up in office at the break of dawn and leaves after sunset, something I have only seen one other person doing – Khairy Jamaluddin when he ran MyTeam FC.

When Hamidin first assumed office of Secretary General in FAM, he was behind his desk at 7.30am. By 8 he was wondering where the staff was only to be told that office hours behind at 8.30. But this bring Hamidin he carried on his early bird routine as he did when running FA of Selangor,

Could there be a possibility that the position of Secretary General be left vacant or in place FAM decides to go for a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer or a General Manager?

After all the President could have a full time office in the building as was the case when Sultan Ahmad Shah was the President.

So while the affiliates decide on their President, the incoming President needs to put on his thinking cap and decide on structural changes in tey NS if administration for the betterment of Football in the country.

Frankly FAM needs to be down sized and with FMLLP growing into an over sized organisation with some close to 40 staff on its payroll, it’s time to be prudent and maybe offer RM50 per day, no pun intended, to cut operational cost.