Post MCO: Will sports return to training?

Will sports be re-opened after the correct Conditional Movement Control Order expires on June 9?

Will there be another form of Movement Controlled Order or a modified version?

Or will we see another month of extension of the current MMCO which effectively means a no go for sports.

These are the questions playing on the minds of those in the sports fraternity of late.

Having been effectively “ suspended” since March 18, many are keeping their fingers crossed with regards to the National Security Council Meeting on Saturday, June 6.

And in top of the list would be the Football Association of Malaysia.

Last Sunday three FAM officials met Youth and Sports Minister to table their Standard Operating Procedures for football.

But they were told to make significant changes to the proposal and also prepare an animation video to clearly outline the SOP.

The proposal covered training for the national and U19 teams as well as the resumption of the M-League.

But Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican is no green horn despite having a baptism of fire as he was made Youth and Sports Minister just before the Covid 19 pandemic.

One learns to walk before one can run.

Hence DS Reezal proposed that the training proposal be submitted first and if it was done well, then the states/club teams could follow suit.

Contact sports was a big no no at present and expect that ruling to be carried on at the NSC meeting Saturday.

Which now brings the question as to how these contact sports are going to justify or at least fight their case that’s it’s safe for them to resume business.

The public sentiments are high against allowing competitive sports to return.

There is this boggling fear that if exemption is given then its would lead to mass gatherings, which is in direct contradiction of the conditions imposed by the Ministry of Health – that is a 6 month barring of mass gathering. And this only expires in September.

So what are s the best way back for contact sports?

Perhaps they must take heed of what DS Reezal told FAM.

Come up with a SOP for Return To Training to build confidence and at the same time provide justification towards their effort.

Only then the National Security Council May relent.

After all the NSC has amongst its membership several past sports ministers in the likes of Dato Seri Hisahsmuddin Hussein, Dato Seri Ismail Sabri, Khairy Jamaluddin, Tan Sri Anuar Musa and even Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyddin Yassin.

In order for DS Reezal to present a formidable case, the various sports bodies need to do some homework.

Only then can sports return , albeit to training ….