Power exit?

When he was first appointed in 2015, it was done with much glamour and accolades.

It seemed at that time that a so called messiah of Malaysian Sports had arrived on our shores.

No less then the Minister ofSports has said glorifying things about Keith Power, the highly acclaimed Director of High Performance Sports.

Employed by the Sports Ministry, paid by the National Sports Council and placed at the National Sports Institute, Keith was given a wide scope of powers, from overlooking the Kita Juara Program , to the Road to Rio and the Podium Program.

Then came yet another so called high profile Program, The Winning Mentality, a Program to chart our sports till 2028 or so.

I had at one time questioned the role, ability and necessity of employing these expensive, over rated yet questionable ability of these type of foreign legion, always stating the “ the prophet is never believed in his own land”.

We have loads of officials, capable of not better then these foreigners but who cares about honest opinions.

And lo – behold, it seems that the highly acclaimed Keith made a quiet exit in July , leaving his employers in a lurch.

Sources revealed that there was an issue with the income tax department and what was supposed to be a holiday ended up to be an exit, a rather surprising end to what was initially claimed.

There is pin drop silence when asked about the whereabouts of Keith especially as the SEA Games was ongoing.

That led this blog to start asking questions as Keith was prominent when the Rio Olympics was held.

So why did he leave? When did he leave? Did he breach any of our laws? Did he give the required notice of resignation? Was he liable for a penalty for early termination?

Questions a plenty yet no answers will be forthcoming as we are prone to matters being swept under the carpet.

An online check revealed that Keith has stated in his LinkedIn profile that he WAS employed by the Ministry of Youth And Sports until July this year and now is the CEO of KPA Elite Performance LLC in Berkshire United Kingdom.

So what is happening and why this cloak of secrecy on his departure.

The NSC being his paymasters must be held accountable and provide a proper explanation to the sports fraternity,

And there is yet another foreign expert leaving soon …. watch this space.