Quality over quantity – OCM to decide

Malaysia are looking at participating in between 35-40 sports in the 2019 Manila SEA Games.

But the final decision really depends on the adoption of the new criteria of selection as proposed by the Independent Panel headed by Tan Sri M. Jegathesan,

In stating this, OCM President Dato Sri Norza Zakaria said that the size of the contingent and number of sports to participate in will be driven by several components.

“ The SEA council endorsed the 56 sports. However 5 sports namely kurash, esports, surfing, skateboarding and jujitsu need to confirm their participation by Dec 15 through formal application by the IF/AF. It is only after that will the POC communicate the final list of sports and events in January,” said d Norza.

“ It is only after that has been done that that we will engage the NSAs and by that time we will also be briefed by Tan Sri Jega’s committee on the recommendation to strengthen the selection process.”

Though Norza would not reveal it, it is believed that a more stringent but transparent selection system has been recommended by the independent panel with the focus being on development and consistency in performance over a period of time.

With the NSC now labelling sports into four different tiers programs, Norza said that they also need to await in which sports are determined as those worthy of funding from the NSC.

“ We need to engage MSN/KBS to ascertain how many sports are under their program. That will decide the umber of sports we will participate. We also need to know how many events per sports proposed by POC.”

On the fact that there are only five gold medals to be contested for badminton, Norza had this to say.

“ Initially Badminton proposed by POC has 3 events but later they changed to 5 similar to the Olympics.

“ However a few countries including Malaysia wants the two team events to be included”

Hence the lobbying for sports to be included into the Malaysian contingent is expected to intensify in the next two months.

For OCM they have to determine what direction sports is going to take – quality over quantities or vice versa.

One of the first yardsticks ought to be the ability of those applying under Category B to be able to pay their cost.

Many a time these sports or athletes promise the moon and the sky but not only are they an embarrassment but also fail to pay their dues.