It what can be deemed as a conspiracy to discredit National Sports Institute Director General Dato Dr. Ramlan Abdul Aziz, several officers from NSI have conspired to remove him as CEO.
Efforts to seek clarification from the Ministry of Youth & Sports Secretary General Dato Mohaid was met with complete silence despite three SMS sent to him. When told that this blog intended to run the story of Ramlan being replaced, and that Mohaid’s silence was unbecoming of a senior government officer and that he had to respond to media queries once the story broke he curtly replied TQ.
It is believed that Mohaid had instructed a junior officer to inform Ramlan that he is to vacate his position as CEO on April 1, and it is no April Fools joke as Mohaid is said to have believed all the stories “cooked” up by these officials, numbering around 6 and headed by a senior officer who had resigned from NSI and took up a higher position elsewhere.
The irony of the whole situation is the cordial relationship these officials share with Mohaid, so much so the fact that he opted to act on the complaints and micro manage the NSI, an institution that was formed by an Act of Paliament.
To top it all, the NSI Board members too are unaware of this development and the Board is scheduled to hold its normal meeting on March 29.
It all boils down to back biting and complete ignorance of the regulations as the removal of the NSI CEO can only be done by the Minister of Youth & Sports as provided for in the NSI Act.
Ramlan has served without fear or favour for the past 22 years and meting out such treatment to a senior officer must surely be a result of a conspiracy of the highest order.
The charges, it is learnt, against Ramlan are that he has failed in managing NSI and the staff, and perhaps it has become necessary for the remaining staff of NSI to march along Putrajaya and head towards Mohaid’s office so that he can see the true picture for himself.
If there are problems and issues, then they ought to be resolved within the organisation and it will be a first where a senior officer is removed due to the pressure from a group of personalities.
Any comments Minister who is said to be sidestepping the issue and boarded the plane to Myanmar? Or is there a bigger story to delegating Ramlan’s removal to Mohaid?