Despite announcing one of the biggest sponsorship deals in July, it looks as if Maybank has been taken for a ride by the Badminton Association of Malaysia.

The deal, inked in June but effective from August saw Maybank taking over the role as the major sponsors of a sport that is expected to deliver the country’s first gold medal. And it was reported that the amount for this year alone was some RM6 million.

However if one was to take a look at the returns of investment, and this has nothing to do with the fact of performances by the players, it is so obvious that BAM has the typical “tidak apa” attitude so accustomed to sports bodies that take sponsors for granted yet cry foul and claim national interest should sponsors walk out.

Let’s look at how BAM has failed, either on purpose or through sheer ignorance of it’s officials who take offense to anyone questioning their rights.

For starters the backdrop at the BAM office still carries the logo of the old sponsor.

And most major dailies still carry pictures of players wearing the attire of the old sponsors.

Perhaps the fact that the key personnel in BAM are just taking orders or doing it for the interest of the nation is baffling.

And BAM cannot even have a proper website in place, more often then not finding it’s band with exceeded. And it lacks substance, relying on just news reports carried by the main stream media.

But they key issue here is branding as it is clear that Maybank is the loser as they are pumping in the money yet lack any substantial ROI.

What baffles me more is just whose interest are some officials of BAM serving as the often bandied word is national interests.

Are these, the conspicuous absence of Maybank branding, being done to serve their own interests?

You do not need a marketing guru to teach you about branding and looking after your sponsors, but then when officials in BAM speak with forked tongues then nothing is impossible right.

Claiming ignorance is one thing, being ignorant is another.

While BAM continue their witch hunt with regards to independent players, with officials even threatening players that they cannot use the word Malaysia on their back of the jerseys, they should spend that time doing better for their sponsors as when you travel around the world it’s Maybank’s money you are using.

The word Malaysia does not belong to you BAM and while no political party had laid claim to it, I see no reason why you prevent Malaysians for promoting Malaysia.

Telling independent players that they can only use Yonex attire at sparring spells arrogance and vested interest on your part.

So while you look after Yonex, it should be ok to wear any other bank name to spar I guess since that’s not the condition expressed in writing.

And get your President and Council to come to Juara Stadium using only the national cars please.

What a load of bull!