Razak Cup Hockey: Missing States of Vice Presidents

It’s a funny world out there as so far as women’s hockey is concerned.

On one hand the national body is so ambitious that it has somewhat unveiled a plan to be Asia’s number one come 2026.

But when the list of teams participating in the women’s Razak Cup was revealed, missing from the fray are teams from Kelantan, Perlis Sabah, Melaka and Johor.

One glance at this and you will find it to be normal maybe.

But wait a minute, out of the seven Vice Presidents in the national body, four of their states are sitting out.

The list of current Vice Presidents who hold positions in their states but fail to field a team are Savah, Melaka. Kelantan and Perlis.

So if they cannot even get 18 girls together from their state, what hope is there for women’s Hockey?

Might as well throw the ambitious plan into the trash right away as a plan calls for commitment, not warming chairs of power.

Back to the somewhat bold statement, only government can stop the tournament from happening, we’ll have we forgotten the will of God!

Anyway playing the single division format does have its merits to say the least.

At least some teams can go home after playing three, with one group playing two matches only.

This is so good as it saves thousands of ringgit in a tournament that will be a replacement ca of the veterans tournament.

With the Ministry of Education putting a blanket ban on school children missing school, except for weekends, we can expect many retired players dusting the cobwebs from their sticks and limping to the pitches for a day or two training .

One state which has always appointed the same coach for the past 18 years however have an innovative way of training – they only play friendly matches.

Razak Cup – it’s really no longer a big deal, if organised or not

It lost its relevance years ago, no thanks to the apathy of the states who are more excited in where to cast their votes then to actually develop and promote the sport,

Anyway with RM100,000 that was promised to then prior to the last elections, fielding a make shift side is considered a boon as national coach Roelant Oltmans will sure discover talent – perhaps for the postponed World Veterans meet.

At least those guys do train once a week, for over six months , unlike the pathetic state teams

So do not be proud of organising a tournament, look at its benefits and outcome, for even those holding positions at national and state levels could not care less about the sport, what more others!