Respect the rights of affiliates OCM

The Olympic Council of Malaysia elections are some five months away but the campaigning had already commenced a few months ago, though it is limited to a Whisper campaign.

The current Executive Board led by Tunku Tan Sri Imran Tuanku Jaafar will see its term end in June and it is no secret that many within the current board either harbour hopes of staying on in their current positions with some even eyeing a move up the ladder.

But one individual, Dato Sieh Kok Chi , the face of OCM for decades, the voice of OCM for years, the pillar for fair play and justice , has had enough of this charade and will not be seeking any position in the forthcoming elections.

In one word, Kok Chi sums up his feelings at the current scenario of OCM – “ I feel sorry and disgusted at how things are done.”

A statement such as this should send shivers done the spines of the OCM affiliates for if the man Who is an institution has lost his zest, then what hope is there for others?

Why do so many want to climb on the bandwagon of the OCM? Is it to serve sports or to be served?

The commitment, sincerity of these individuals can easily be seen from the attendance list for the Executive Board meetings as well as the Council Meetings.

Compare this with the list of “ overseas” trips they have made and one can clearly see if they have served or were served?

The influx of “ Politicians” into sports is a double edged sword.

While there is no doubt that some clearly display leadership, passion and deep interest for sports, others are there just to take a ride on the bandwagon, enjoy the ride, benefit from the perks and make things difficult for others.

What these elected officials in OCM fail to realise is that they are put into positions by the affiliates of OCM and it’s not a government appointment or a handily heirloom passed on from one dynasty to another.

It is the affiliates that elect the principal office beaters of OCM and they ought to be given the due respect.

It was sad and disheartening to see the various officials from the National Sports Associations being escorted into the OCM Board Room for the Selection Meetings for the Commonwealth Games and Asian Games by officials from the National Sports Council.

Why is there a need or necessity for NSC to sit next to each NSA when they do their presentation or justification to the Selection Committee?

There is a joint committee of the NSA and NSC for every sport so matters ought to be trashed out there and not treat the NSA”s like common criminals or first day school going children by escorting them into meeting rooms.

There are already representatives on the Selection Committee from the ISN, NSC, Podium, so why these officials- who can be considered akin to wardens escorting a criminal” be allowed to continue such actions by OCM is beyond explanation.

The OXM as the umbrella body of sports needs to protect the sovereign rights of its affiliates and at the same time serve the affiliates and not let it be bullied by the government agencies,

The fault lies with the affiliates who have become too timid, fearful of the NSC and ISN as they hold the purse for finding sports in the country.

The key factor is that these goverment agencies are the “ guardians” of the funding not owners of the money which rightfully is from the rakyat , meaning its a right of the NSA.

The NSA comprise of officials with years of experience in their sports and no green horn can take away that right from them.

And OCM had to understand that it merely facilitates the entries of its affiliates to the multi sports Events hence it cannot and should not dictate terms in accordance to the whims and desires of the NSC or NSI in determining who or what sport goes to the multi sports Events.

Even the selection of the Deputy Chef De Mission for the Commonwealth Games is questionable as the person appointed had gone to several multi sports events over the past 5 years in different capacities,

Why is there no clear guidelines or a vetting process to select the Chef De Missions , Deputies, Secretariat Staff for the multi sports Events,

Why is OCM not allowing its own staff to enjoy these perks?

Why are those from the affiliates of OCM not being given a chance to be considered when year in and year out its the NSC officials that get appointed to such positions?

And yes while we are at this, during the tenure of Dato Mazlan Ahmad, no NSC/ISN official could hold positions with a national sports body.

So as a matter of principal and to act above Board, no appointed member of the NSC or ISN Board should even consider seeking an elected position in OCM before vacating his or her position.

Let there be no cases of “ undue” influence over the OCM affiliates and officers from both these government agencies must be told in clear and precise terms not to get involved in the campaigning.

For one, I will be watching this development closely.

Do away with this “ escort” services and let NSA function independently.