RM30,000 OPPOSED TO RM49,789

For winning the Gold Medal after a hiatus of 20 years, the Malaysian players received a total of RM30k each, including a RM10k bonus plus the match winning bonuses as practiced by FAM. But a word of caution though, not every player I believe will get RM30k in total as it depends if you are fielded or named in matches. So the final amount may vary.

Just read the Bernama story below, Vietnam paid out RM720,000 for the silver, so if we were to divide it equally among the 20 players, it works out to be RM36,000 each.

And the Vietnam women’s team received RM995,780, working out to whopping RM49,789.00 each.

To be fair to FAM though, it was sponsors who topped up the winnings, so what say you Telekom Malaysia?

Received this SMS that was forwarded to me by Jaiho just moments ago:

Hye rakan2 media. Salam dr Lndon. Tuanku smpaikan ucapan Selmat Tahun Baru 2010 moga byk kjayaan akn d tempa lg. Tuanku ingin umum kan “winning bonus 4 U23 team in last final SEAGames’s bnk RM10k setiap pemain. Bonus ini akn d byr esok, ari Isnin 28hb. So total ksluruhn brbyr ada lah hmpir RM30k 4 winning bonus ini pd setiap pemain. Tuanku titah akn sntiasa berikan prhatian yg penuh pd team ini. Mohon rakan2 media dpt hebahkan maklumat ini. Tq fm Col Azhar prg khas kpd KDYMM Prsdnt FAM

Bernama Story

Despite losing to Malaysia in the final at the Laos SEA Games last week, the Vietnamese Under-23 football team will still receive a handsome reward.

According to the Asian Football Federation’s (AFF) website, the team would receive a reward of USD210,000 (about RM720,000) following their success in winning the silver medal at the biennial games.

They will receive USD100,000 (about RM342,900) from the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) while the balance of USD110,000 (about RM377,190) would come from their sponsor, Global Audio Visual Joint Stock Company.

The national women’s team, who beat Thailand on penalties in the final classification match, received USD290,000 (about RM995,780).