Only Safee Sali can help himself to get out of the current mess he is and in reality its a decision that he has to make on his own.

The Football Association of Malaysia Deputy President Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah said that it was Safee to make the right decisions to overcome the impasse.
He said this when posed a question with regards to the position of Safee at a press conference during the launch of Pahang Hockey 5 year development program.
“FAM did not make a mistake, who said FAM made a mistake,” retorted Tengku Abdullah.
“Safee in a situation where he is fully aware that he is playing in a league that is said to be not sanctioned by the Indonesian FA.
“It is a critical situation and he was well aware of the risks he undertook and the consequences of playing in such a league. He has a contract and needs to get out of the contract. That is his choice as we at FAM do not curtail a player seeking fortunes elsewhere.
” I tried to save the situation on a personal note and hopefully he will not be banned and through efforts undertaken. He is a victim of the circumtances but self inflicted.”
On Peter Butler, Tengku Abdullah said he was unawares of the fact that FAM had turned down the appeal and will leave it to FAM to resolve the issue.