Salaries, wages, perks, why questions BWF when we here are more guilty

There was a thought provoking article in a local daily yesterday that many may have missed as it was buried at the bottom.

The article questioned the rationale of paying mega bucks to officials of the World Badminton Federation ( BWF) and Dato Sieh Kok Chi was quoted on the issue.

What was more interesting is that the writer of that article, being the sports editor of that newspaper opted not to look towards our local scenario where we are guilty of making exorbitant payments for half baked officials.

The sports in this country was run by passionate personalities, those who operated from their homes, their car booths, small offices in a dungeon like locations.

More often then not the whole family gets involved, putting circulars in envelopes, licking stamps to be pasted to affiliates and so forth.

Payment, honorarium was little, if any, often ranging from RM250 to RM1,000 per year.

There were no perks like car allowance, insurance allowance, high salaries and neither was there business class travel.

No such thing as corporate attire for meetings, no allowances for attending meetings, nothing whatsoever.

Yet sports was flourishing, performances at least Asian class, sometimes able to match world class Athletes.

Yes there was no such thing as direct interference by the National Sports Council.

Today it’s totally different and the author of that article ought to have done a comparison of what’s our scenario.

We have highly paid Chief Executive Officers. Chief Operating Officers, General Managers that are paid ridiculous sums not befitting their ability and output.

Then we also have paid Presidents or Chairman of committees who actually do not work full time but are part timers. Sort of directors here and there.

Each meeting held sees those attending looking for claim forms or brown envelopes first rather then reading the papers to be discussed at the meeting.

I would like to challenge those in the following sports bodies to provide details of the year emoluments paid out to the so called high ranking , name wise, of staff within their organisations.

The Football Association of Malaysia, the Badminton Association of Malaysia, the Olympic Council Malaysia, the Malaysian Paralympic Council, the Malaysian Hockey Confederation, the Malaysian Football League, the Malaysian Tenpin Bowling Congress, the Malaysian Rugby , the Malaysian Athletic Federation.

Before you want to say that it’s our prerogative on who and how much we pay, remember that it is the tax payers money that you are using unless the salaries are paid from your family heirloom.

Paying those like Secretaries in the past was considered a taboo as it was a voluntary position but often they spend countless hours serving the sports body.

Today we have unashamed presidents or chairman’s picketing close to RM100,000 a month.

Not only that but they also have an entourage of cronies that they pay hefty fees , for what , probably to carry their heavy balls and parrot what the boss says, never mind the fact that the president is totally incompetent.

All these officials lack one important ingredient – that’s PASSION.

Their ability to work or deliver is driven by one factor – the number of faves the first Yang Di Pertuan Agong in their banks or wallets ( our money lah if you do not get the drift, take a note out and look).

Professionalism, better administration, fantastic ideas?

This is the often used jargon to justify the hefty wage bills of most of the overacted, but definitely over paid individuals running our sports these days.

Most of them cannot even draw up a proper yearly event calendar or a proper budget.

One important thing I often ask – just how much do these individuals contribute towards the coffers of the sports they serve, as they totally lack marketing skills or ability to draw up sponsorship packages.

So there goes, Sports Editor, why not you highlight the edges of our sports officials before we go knocking on the doors of international bodies.

Why the Gajah depan mata tak kelihstan tapi nyamuk di seberang Laut nampak kind of approach.

Let’s see this making the papers.

My take , nothing will happen, no prizes for guessing why.