SEA Games or World Champs. A no brainer!

A no brainer.
That is the best way to describe the statement made by the National Sports Council Director General when he stated that Athletes would have to give priority to the 2017 SEA Games instead of the World Badminton Championships.
The dates of both these sporting events clash and it would affect the participation of the shuttlers at the multi sports event where Malaysia has targetted emerging as champions for the first time since 2001.
The very fact that a senior official of the KJ administration could say such a thing on record goes on to show what blind faith is all about.
When the Minister says that the target is winning the overall title at the SEA Games, he means we need to have a preparation or Athletes that can win medals to ensure that.
It is beyond comprehension that one would ask Athletes to forego the TOP most prize in their career, besides the Olympics, for a regional medal.
How on earth was such a statement made is beyond comprehension as obviously it has put the Minister in a spot as the blame now solely lies on the Minister unwittingly.
The civil servant can argue that he is merely echoing the orders of the Minister who made it clear that Malaysia is to emerge as champions of the SEA Games.
So let’s take the easy way out then, blame the Minister for that statement.
And to ensure that Malaysia wins all the gold medals in Badminton at the SEA Games, let’s start funding shuttlers from other SEA counties to Badminton events so that they all qualify for the world champs and we have a easier path to win gold.
There you have it, even a better plan to endure our success, and I will not charge you a bomb in fees for the idea unlike some foreign experts you have on the payroll.