SEA Games report still pending?

While certain quarters with the Olympic Council of Malaysia often chose the affiliates, I wonder what excuse they want to cone up with on the issue of the delay in the submission and tabling of the Chef De Mission report for the 2017 SEA Games.

A quick check with the officer in charge of the SEA Games Secretariat matters from OCM yielded this response “ tidak kelihatan lagi” when asked if the report had been submitted to OCM.

Mind you not only is the Chef De Mission responsible but she had two deputy chef De missions, one of whom is a high ranking officer of NSC and unfortunately is also appointed the Deputy Chef De Mission for next months Commonwealth Games.

When I post articles, it is meant to establish the truth and to Ensure transparency and accountability, not to find fault as some perceive it.

If the Office Bearers of OCN want to carry on “ bitching” behind my back, so be it as there more you are confrontational the more I intend to unearth.

I do not need inside sources as some may claim as your own fight ahead of the OCM AGM will provide several juicy articles on governance and ethics as well as FairPlay.

We are all in sports for one reason. – to make sure our nation succeeds, though some are there for the trips, positions and awards.

So get the Chef De Mission report or at least decide a time line for future reports.

And while you are at it, care to also provide guidelines and criteria for selection of volunteers for multi sports secretariat as agreed and discussed in the OCM Board Meeting over a year ago.

Or will we see yet those from sports that hardly are active once again.