SEA Games; The Wait Continues as 22 Sports seek inclusion

It will be a waiting game for sports as hosts Vietnam has requested that they be given till November to decide on any increase of sports or disciplines for the 2021 SEA Games.

And the decision is largely dependent of f the ability of the host, both economically as well ability to provide the facilities as well as technical expertise,

It must be made known that Vietnam may not have a National Federation for the sport that seeks inclusion into the 31st edition.

“ There is a long wish list for entry to the games,” said OCM President Dato Seri Norza Zakaria.

“ It depends on the host really as ultimately they decide.”

The SEA Games Federation Council meeting was held online with participation from all member countries.

OCM was represented by its President Dato Seri Norza Zakaria, Deputy President Dato Seri Azim Zabidi and Secretary General Dato Mohd Nazifuddin.

There was no decision made on the final sports to be contested at the SEA Games which will be hosted by Vietnam from the 21 Nov – 2 Dec 2021.

A final decision will be made in the next meeting scheduled for this November.

Although Vietnam being the host had listed 36 sports, there were appeals for the inclusion of 22 sports as well as 3 disciplines at the Sports and Rules Committee Meeting.

Earlier in the morning the SEA Games Federation Executive Council meeting was held, attended by Dato Azim and Dato Nazif.

The SEAGF Executive Council had unanimously accepted the proposal by the Vietnam Olympic Committee (VOC) to add one new sport, namely “Vocutruyen” (Vietnamese Traditional Martial Arts) into the SEAGF Charter & Rules, under Category III.

However this sport will not be contested in the upcoming SEA Games.

On the question of sending young athletes, Norza said that not everything is cast in stone.

“ We cannot just take the third placing as the yardstick if we want to expose youngsters,” said Norza.

“ We need to sit down with NSC to determine our objectives.

“ As for sports not contested in Sukma, we need to find the mechanism to find the suitable Athletes,

List of sports proposed by Vietnam

1. Athletics

2. Aquatics

3. Archery

4. Badminton

5.a. Basketball 5×5

5.b. Basketball 3×3

6. Billiard & Snooker

7. Boxing

8. Canoeing / Kayak

9.a. Chess

9.b. Xiangqi

10.a. Cycling – Road

10.b. Cycling – Mountain Bike

11. Dancesport

12. Fencing

13.a. Football

13.b. Futsal

14. Golf

15.a. Gymnastics Artistic

15.b. Gymnastics Rhythmic

15.c. Gymnastics Aerobic

16. Handball

17. Judo

18. Karate

19. Muay

20. Pencak Silat

21. Petanque

22. Rowing

23. Sepaktakraw

24.a. Shooting – Pistol

24.b. Shooting – Rifle

24.c. Shooting – Shotgun

25. Table Tennis

26. Taekwondo

27. Tennis

28.a. Volleyball – Indoor

28.b. Volleyball – Beach

29. Weightlifting

30.a. Wrestling – Greco Roman

30.b. Wrestling – Freestyle

31. Wushu

32. Finswimming

33. Bodybuilding

34. Kurash

35. Kick Boxing

36. Vovinam

Appeals received for

Vietnam received appeal for 22 Sports and 3 Diciplines

1. Hockey indoor

2. Floorball

3. Netball

4. Muay

5. Triathlon

6. Taekwondo ITF

7. Bowling

8. Lawn Bowls

9. Squash

10. Rugby 7s

11. Sailing

12. Criket

13. Traditional boat race

14. Jujitsu

15. E-sports

16. Sketeboarding

17. Arnis

18. Obstacle Course

19. Sambo

20. Kempo

21. Teqball

22. Soft Tennis

1. Chinlone (Sepak takraw)

2. Water Polo

3. Synchronized Swimming

( Total 22 sports with 3 disciplines)