Sembang Bola – Refreshing Change

It was a refreshing change for Malaysian Football on Thursday night.
Sembang Bola was Organised by FMLLP to get feedback and hear from the fans as to ways to improve Malaysian
Present at hand to field questions were the head honcho of FMLLP Kevin Ramalingam and some his key personnel.
There were some 56 fans representing various fan clubs, social media movements, ardent Football critics, and what was more refreshing was there was a good number of representation from the fairer sex.
The Sembang Bola session on Thursday was the first of a few in a series to be held by FMLLP with the next to be held in Penang, followed by the East Coast, South and culminating with another in Klang Valley.
” We want to get feedback from the fans with regards to the issues they face, suggestions as well as explain why certain decisions are made by the FMLLP,” explained Kevin.
” Many s time it is the lack of communication that is the root of most problems.
” We at FMLLP value the feedback from the various stake holders of Football and this Sembang Bola sessions will be held regularly, presently to explain the operating structure and before next season our plans for the following year.”
Several interesting questions were raised, from the reasoning of holding the Msia Cup while the League was still running, the number of matches teams needed to play, appointment of match officials, lack of interaction in the social media by teams and FMLLP, club licensing and even sponsorship plus infrastructure.
One participant asked Kevin as to why he discontinued his Twitter account, and the reply had many tongue tied.
” There were some very personal attacks on me and my Daughter came home crying after reading them” said a visibly moved Kevin.
” It is not fair to bring the family into work and these days kids are more tech savvy then us.”
Kevin started the session by explaining the structure of FMLLP as well as the Mission, vision and goals of FMLLP.
And there were various stats provided with regards to comparison with leagues held in Thailand and Japan as well as the BPL.
Those who were present had an insight as to how the Football calendar was drawn up, the constrains on fitting in matches as realistically there were only 41 playing days available, after taking into account the holidays, national team commitments as well as other factors such as the fasting month.
Many fans felt that the Malaysia Cup should be given prominence as its winner does not get any seat in AFC competitions, and this is something that FAM needs to look into.
Those present also raised the issue of live telecast of matches and were shocked when it was revealed that at times teams too objected to their matches being shown live as it affected the gate collection.
On the overall it was a good effort by FMLLP to hold such a session and credit to the fans who raised pertinent points to improve league rather then it being a ” bashing” session that one would have initially thought it might turn out to be.
A simple packed nasi Lemak with packet drinks prior to the session made this a rather laid back affair , as if a family got together to discuss mutual matters.
That is what Football needs, a boost rather then being under the spot light for the wrong reasons.