While we appreciate the achievements of the athletes and officials who were honored at the National Sports Awards last night, one couldn’t resist looking at the striking batik attire worn by the NSC and KBS officials.

The fact that they function is to cater for the elite few and not the general public was also not lost on me as each year the NSC goes to great lengths to ensure it is held in grand settings with an increase in cost.

The Prime Minister had sat with the RAKYAT to watch the proceedings of the AFF Cup, so really isn’t it time that we take the awards public, that is to hold it in a venue where the public can participate in honoring our athletes.

Coming back to the attire, wonder how many such batiks adorn the cupboards of these senior officials as they are given one each year.

Now take that budget and use the money to improve the welfare of athletes as well as spend wisely in order to produce champions, that will be truly good administrators.

And at the same time please change how the awards are presented as it’s the same for donkey years, no progress in terms of making it lively, boring is the key word.