Shockers upcoming in MFL

Since I am not considered as a Football writer as FAM/MFL removed me from their mailing list and never invite me for any events or give me accreditation, here is some juicy news for the football writers or pundits .

One Super League team have been instructed to withdraw by their management.

Another Super League Team risks being relegated to M3.

Two other teams are in contravention of an Act that forbids them to form a company to manage their team.

These are purely regulatory measured and kudos to those who implement them,

Who are these four teams?

Go find out lah, after all I am a nobody in Football.

But before you claim credit, remember you read it here first.

So do not say exclusive as The Cacat 1 beat you by a mile despite located away from the city and never wrote Football for three months.

Still beat you guys right!