The Thomas Cup team is scheduled to depart for China on Sunday for  a week long preparation camp prior to the Thomas Cup.
But world number 1 Lee Chong Wei will not be traveling with the team on Sunday. Instead he will leave for China only next Wednesday.
In a short phone call to this blogger, Chong Wei revealed that he was ill, with a sore throat and flu, hence he opted to rest longer before going to China.
“Bro, saya tak sihat, pergi hospital dan saya pergi Wednesday ajer. Best saya rest dulu di Kuala Lumpur and recover,” said Chong Wei whose voice was heavy and sniffing as well.
“Nanti Monday I jumpa you dan cerita pasal Thomas Cup dan Olimpik ok. Lepas Thomas Cup saya mau jumpa press, minta dia orang support saya, kita kerjasama so boleh naik nama Malaysia.”

Lets give the guy the benefit of doubt and wish him a speedy recovery. As it stands we have a tough task to beat the Danes, without Chong Wei we might as well give up hope.

Note: While we applaud BAM for securing the sponsor in the likes of Maxis, why are they avoiding telling the media that one sponsor has ended their deal while another has reduced their contribution significantly? Why hide the losses and only talk of cerita sedap?