Seems the Sports Industry are minting money but not for the nation but rather for the overseas market.

Ever heard the phrase that the prophet is never believed on his own land? Well that is so true in this aspect.

It is learnt that a foreign institution has been awarded a sub-contract ( remember the key word is sub-contract) to conduct a study on the state of the various national sports associations.

The main contract was awarded to a company for a cool RM6 million.

The irony is we have several institutions in the country quite capable of conducting similar studies and I quote – UM, UiTM, UPM and UPSI. So why were they not considered?

And talking about studies in NSA’s, something to this effect was done in 2005 but never saw the light of the day as it was considered too damaging to NSC at that time.

Interested in a copy of that report Mr. DG of NSC or Right Honorable Sports Minister? Gimme a tinkle or get your Teh Tarik guys to contact me.